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  1. I have been a long time VW user. However Im stuck on 12.5.3 Why? Cos the 2014 demo disk would not start on my winxp or my win7 VM. Whats a VM? a VirtualBox virtual instance of windows XP. The only time i resort to windows is to use VW on a VM on Linux. PLEASE PORT TO LINUX You would clean up. Dont beleive the BS - Linux is so easy to install and set up these days. It is far more stable, secure and nicer to use than windows, and a new pc with linux installed can be had at half the price of a mac pro for the same performance. PS Why did Nemetschek screw up 2014 and make it not run in a VM? was this deliberate? Untill I can run a new version of VW on my Linux pc I will not be buying an upgrade. Simples. Port to Linux and I will be at the front of the que with my credit card.
  2. Can someone please tell me if VW12.5 will work on windows 7 ?
  3. I have had a terrible time with 12.5.2 and wished I hadnt bothered upgrading. My latest problems are that when editing a WinDoor window in a wall, the vector script window opens across the bottom of the screen, then after a couple of seconds, if the wall has a texture applied, a corruption of the screen appears. This never happened before the upgrade and now happens every time I edit a windoor object. I have tried reinstalling 12.5.2 but this made no difference. Also the 12.5.0 version still on my pc now has the same problem. I used the installer disk from NNA by the way as the down loaded installer would not work on my pc. Curiously VW does not show up in the list of programs in the Add and Remove programs list in windows control panel so I have been unable to do an un-install to do a fresh clean install. I would include a screen shot but I don't know how to attach one to this message. Does anyone else have this problem?
  4. My update experience just gets worse. The repeated attemps by me to install 12.5.2 with your installer resulted in VW not working at all. Worse, it would not then let me re-install my original 12.5 disk. My windows registry was fouled up and I could neither un install or install VW and had to pay for some expensive IT help to fix my pc and get 12.5.0 back up and running. My 12.5.2 dvd arrived. This will also not load. The quicktime folder appears to be bust for a start and would not open. I downloaded the latest quicktime and dongle drivers from the net. Then I proceeded with the install and it now hangs with this error "Error trying to open WinAppB.zip" Can this possibly get any worse?
  5. I get exactly the same log report. I have tried running it again with all my firewall settings disabled and it made no difference. This should not happen. another premature release from NA? Sadly Computers Unlimited in the UK are equally crap as no one has even answered the phone or replied to my emails requesting the installation disk. great.
  6. Has anyone out there got a library of velux windows which are ready to be easily dropped into a roof. If not how do you make one? I have made one before but dont seem to be able to repeat it The one I made before is a Hybrid, and when I try and insert it, the PIO box wont let me uncheck the "dont insert symbol" check - box, which results in the hole for the rooflight but no rooflight. This awkwardness that still exists with the rooflight PIO needs to be addressed - it is just not intuitive or obvious how to create and edit rooflights. Thanks in anticipation
  7. I do not get the same result. The foremost roof plane keeps its geometry unchanged and merely acts as an outline to cut through the rearmost in top plan resulting in two separate roof planes one of which has a square hole in it with the 2nd one passing through said hole.
  8. Thanks Pete but that made no difference, the drawing stubbornly remains in I,J . I wouldnt mind so much except that this seems to have affected the constrained dimension tool when dimensioning 2d elevations created with convert copy to lines. measuring from the ridge to ground level the tool will only dimension in the I axis not the J axis so preventing height dimensions in my drawing. Its buggy behaviour like this that really lets this otherwise excellent software down.
  9. I had missed this additional functionality entirely. How do you do it? I've just tried it and I ended up with weird mutations
  10. This is probably a simple thing but it beats me. In one of my drawings the ground plane is shown with the I,J axis instead of the X,Y - can someone kindly tell me how to return the drawing back to X,Y ?
  11. I have the same problem following the upgrade. I am having to go into all text boxes and call outs to re-align the text with returns. Is there a proper fix for this?
  12. It is a custom one made from an edited us-arch title block which came with the package. It worked fine before I upgraded to 12.5
  13. the issue fields on the borders are not updating regardles of whether I edit from the object info palet or the issue manager, all that is displayed on the drawing are the field strings eg :iNum, :iDate etc. But if I go back into the update issue data dialog the revision data is shown there the border was created in 12.0.1
  14. The stair PIO is improved in VW12.5 however it still lacks an important feature in that the stairs are constructed without newel posts. All banister rails should start and end at a newel post This is especially frustrating when using winders. Also the winder feature does not reflect real life construction in the UK where the winders are constructed as a 90 degree "winder box" with the winder treads or "kites" all rotate about the winder box newel post. The VW "kites" sometimes start before the winder which just never happens in the real world. The winders should only be within the winder box, with control over the number of treads within that box.
  15. On reviewing other threads that mention this problem, it all becomes clear. All the posters that are reporting 12.5 to be slower are running PC's and all the posters reporting beter performance are running it on macs. So why is this please?
  16. Katie, Im sorry but this is just not acceptable. This did not happen in 12.0.1 so why is it happening now? My system should be more than up to the re-draws and as it managed it in 12.0.1 it must be the software that is at fault, not my video card (running the latest Nvidia driver) What has changed in the software to cause this? In which future upgrade will it be ironed out? Regards
  17. noticeably slower than 12.0.1 Mainly in 2D panning and zooming. When zooming in the pixels zoom as well and the resolution does not correct itself for around a half second or more after stopping the zoom operation. Not much but this did not happen with 12.0.1 and any step back with an "up-grade" is more than dissapointing, its unacceptable.
  18. What I dont understand is that the blurb says that 12.5 is faster when, on my pc it is noticeably slower.
  19. Robert, sorry for the delay, version 12.0.1, Win XP Pro, AMD X2 +4400, 2GB RAM, GT6600 It just happened again in a new file, tried to create a third stair and it refuses to show the stair in the preview pane - and this one did not have a negative value - clicked apply and got the following bug report: Error: _300 _3 - Index outside array limits. Error: _7190 - ENDGROUP statement missing. Error: _7190 - ENDSYM statement missing. Error: _7190 - ENDGROUP statement missing. Sean
  20. Sounds unneccessarily complicated compared to the simplicity of rotating the UCS in AutoCAD
  21. A simple text editor like the AutoCAD one would be good enough
  22. I have just retried the insertion of the second floor stair and the same problem of negative flr to flr heights re-occured. Again, when resetting back to manually setting height, the diagrame does not reappear and the note remains. When clicking either ok or cancel the PIO closes with the following script error message pops up: Error: _300 _3 - index outside array limits Error: _7190 - END GROUP Statement missing Error: _7190 - END SYM Statement missing Error: _7190 - END GROUP Statement missing then an s with a v above it and a letter looking like an A and E stuck together In trying to affect the elevation setting by changing design layer stacking orders I get seemingly random total heights and numbers of risers both positive and negative regardless of which layer elevations selected. and this has now affected the first stair which was seemingly ok. The stair PIO is now unusable if I set the overall height using layer elevations becase the stair disapears and I'm left with the note "Flr to Flr height does not allow any risers" HELP!
  23. I have just experienced exactly the same problem. The problem occured when inserting a second set of stairs on the next floor. Both sets of stairs could not be edited in the settings dialog. I deleted the second stair and started again. This time when I clicked the stair tool and then the settings button the dialog also failed to appear. I also am experiencing another problem with the second floor stairs. When setting the floor to floor heights based on Mod-floor-1 (lower) and Mod Floor 2 (upper) the data below gives a negative floor to floor height and a negative number of risers! When the apply button is clicked the stair diagram disapears and a note comes up saying "Flr to Flr height does not allow any risers" (the layers are stacked in the right order)I then tried to reset the height manually and diagram failed to return. I then clicked cancel and the PIO closed and a Script error dialog poped up. Unfortunately this dialog did not allow me to copy the text so I cant post it. This means I only have the option of manually setting the flr-flr height which then does not allow me to control the appearance of the stair on the mod floor 2 layer. This is very frustrating as this did not occur on the mod-floor-0 to mod-floor-1 stair. The another anoying feature with this PIO is that if your second stair is a different basic shape from the first one, you can't change it in the setting dialog, but have to find the new shape in the rescource browser. Why???
  24. Lets keep this item at the top of the wish list. Regardless of all the work arounds suggested, this is actually an indefensible ommission and very frustrating when working on a site with multiple dwellings in different orientations. The UCS function in AutoCAD is so blindingly simple and abundantly useful that it should be a must for upcomming VWA releases.
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