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  1. Seriously. This is probably the fastest, visually attractive, and sensibly constructed bbs system I've seen online. (By "sensibly constructed", I mean user-controllability!) I'm not kidding. I'm gonna buy stock in Infopop. Thanks! Andrew
  2. Hi Fonseca, I have had reasonable results with DXF; if you are having trouble, you can send me the file and I will try to see what happens. Regards, Andrew
  3. Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone uses Vectorworks (or MiniCad) to create models for import to Lightscape. Please let me know! I have some questions about model preparation. Thanks, Andrew
  4. Does anyone know how to control surface normals from within Vectorworks 8.5? (for those of you unfamiliar with surface normals, basically, a 3-d polygon is one-sided. Sometimes when you bring a drawing into another program, "holes" appear in solid views where surfaces should be.) I am particularly interested in this to avoid extra steps when importing models in DWG format to Lightscape, the subject of my next post. Any help appreciated! Thanks, Andrew
  5. I will do it cheaper. Just kidding. Hi Arfitact. Fancy seeing you here! Andrew [This message has been edited by turner410 (edited 09-08-2000).]
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