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  1. Sorry for not being clear. I have to create a .dxf version of a logo that was created in Freehand. I am able to copy and paste this logo into VW. After I export this logo from VW as a .dxf I am unable to import it back into VW, or at least I see nothing on the screen after I select the exported .dxf. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong in the export process or the import process. I need this logo as a dxf file, not an image file. Thanks
  2. How can I export an image as a .dxf file from VW? I am able to copy and paste an image (freehand drawing) and export the .dxf but when I try to import the .dxf back into VW, I see nothing. Thanks -- Mike
  3. I recently upgraded from MiniCad (Mac version) to VW (PC version). Text looks okay on screen but it shifts to left slightly when printing. I've tried inputting a new text block or changing the font, but still get the same results. Platform is Windows NT 4 Service Pack 5. Any thoughts on how to remedy? -- Mike


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