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  1. Hi Katie, Yes I did but still no luck. I deleted the old Quicktime merely by dragging its icon from the applications folder and placing it in the trash and then emptying the trash. Hopefully that is the correct method of removing an application from the system. I then reinstalled the recently downloaded version of Quicktime and still no luck. One thing I was wondering, I do not have the "full" version of Quicktime. Could this be the problem? Do I need to pay the upgrade fee to get the grayscale only output to work? Thanks for your reply. Glenn
  2. In order to properly format my files for printing at the printer I use, I need to export my layers as image files either as .tif or bmp but with no color. When I attempt to do this using export image file and setting the compression for either the .tif or bmp to 256 grays (or black and white) I get an error message that reads like this - "Due to a QuickTime 6 problem, the chosen color depth will be reset to be Millions of Colors, to avoid inappropriate shifting and cropping of the exported image." I am running an IMac G5 with Mac OSX 10.3.8 operating system. I using the stuent version of Vectorworks 11.0.1. I downloaded the latest version of Quicktime from the web and reloaded it which did not fix the problem (vers. 6.5.2). Any ideas out there? Thanks Glenn


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