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  1. thank you but the adjust flipped text is checked and i'm using the geneva font (i think that is a genuine truetype font) again, thanks
  2. everytime i plot a vw file from sheets my callouts turn upside down. i think it is only the right justified ones. this happens in both vw and the vw viewer. i have been printing to pdf to solve the problem- using version 11.5 now --thanks
  3. yes i use the model tool for every project. i create a model layer, use the tool to make one model with all the layers i want, then save different views for different uses, excluding and including classes and layers that i want (a render view will have landscape and gingerbread layers on while a model for taking 3-d sections will only have a few on) i always use the model for sections, elevations, renders or whatever. for elevations i copy model to lines, put it on a model elevation layer and begin to draw polygons to cover shapes and use compose to make polys. i will go back to the model and choose 3-d objects and convert copy to polys so i can add it on top of the elevation drawings. (helpful for railings and stairs and stuff that creates a lot of lines when converting to line). the order of objects is important, i rarely trim or cut, just cover. i have found that adding more to the enormous amout of lines is faster than trying to take away-
  4. no, these are extrudes that have been behaving like this before i tried to "stabalize" them as symbols. just simple solids, falling in space, the same ones.
  5. create a layer named model (or whatever) and use the model tool on it to link the layers you want
  6. it seems that several objects in my models are rotating themselves 90 degrees on the x-axis. everytime i open the drawings there are specific objects (tapered extrudes) lying flat in space. i've tried turning them into symbols and groups but they always change. this only began to happen w/ 11.5 and i'm getting tired of using rotate 3-d command for each object. is this happening to anyone else?
  7. i've used a bit of autocad and liked the 3-d array command. i model primarily in 3-d and was wondering if vw could do this. it seems the duplicate command is only 2-d. speaking of duplicating- can the duplicate along path command use reference points other than the object center to duplicate? thanks for any suggestions
  8. thank you much. i was using the architect workspace and had to add it with the editor-
  9. just got the free update to 11.5. i'm using architect and the sketch render only seems to be working with viewports. sketch options are there in info palette when i click on viewport but i have no such option in the menu; view>rendering. perhaps the download was not complete or something else thank you for any suggestions


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