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  1. Hello I am not sure this is the right place to post this wish/request. Since Bluebeam Revu is now part of Nemetschek are there any discounts offered to VectorWorks owners? Thank you
  2. @GregB Thank you for a likely solution. Although I don't see but the one elevator tool in the workspace editor, I am glad there is a workaround for a problem I have never encountered in VectorWorks. Due to other bugs I ended up uninstalling / reinstalling VW 2020, this time the elevator tool does work. Thank you!
  3. Hello I don't often use the Simple Elevator plugin tool. However I went to use it and go the following error: "Simple Elevator Could Not Be Selected. It is missing Necessary Resources or the File is Damaged" I have never encountered this issue, any suggestions on how to fix it? Thank you!
  4. Hello Juan I am sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. It would appear I was somehow selecting the wrong criteria when running the report, total count of a specific symbol. I can't seem to replicate the issue now, the DWG file I was using may have been a corrupted. If the issue reoccurs I will be sure to post it. Thank you, Piero Favretti
  5. Hello everyone I have been unable to run a symbol report since VW2020 crashes when I attempt to execute it after setting up the criteria. Anyone have similar issues? Were you able to fix it? Cheers
  6. Could you elaborate on any issues/bugs (if any) please? I upgrade every year, but wait a few weeks for bug reports/fixes. So far every VW new release features has been well worth the yearly upgrade price for me. There is no other CAD system out there that gives so much for a very reasonable upgrade cost, I like to support them and myself
  7. Hello again Pat First I want to thank you for helping me out with this, hopefully it will be a timesaver for me and others. I tried your suggestions and it seems to work, I will not know for sure until I use it periodically. I have emailed you a sample of the reworked formulas in a file with workstations. Let me know what you think and thank you again!
  8. Thank you for the reply and help Pat, I just sent you a file for your review.
  9. The formula you gave me seems to work and not work at times. See the attached pict. For some reason column E also multiplies with column F, there is no formula to do so in E2 only the record value (=('Furniture'.'LIST')). Columns E, F and G are formatted as numbers in the Record as well as the worksheet. Thank you
  10. Thank you for the reply I seem to be missing something, I get a "#VALUE!" error. Thank you!
  11. Thank you for your reply Do you know if and how I could then multiply each ROW "LIST" by its "QTY."? In other words, I need to multiply each row item individual cost by the number of items, then add a grand total. I am trying to automate this process and avoid a further step of creating a Spreadsheet for my totals. I hope this makes sense, I added a pict. Thank you again.
  12. Hello. I am trying to have totals at the end of my "List" pricing column (1 of 6 columns, varying number of rows) on a furniture report. I tried creating a "SUM" formula in an empty Spreadsheet cell below the Database cell without success. Any suggestions?
  13. Would love to see VW be the 1st CAD app to support full 64 Bit processing, use all the processors in the computer (i.e. MacPros) and use the video card and not the CPU to render images
  14. VectorWorks just keeps getting better and better. I had no problems with the installation nor using it so far. It actually feels faster on my G4/867 PowerMac, and the rendering crashes I was having with version 11 seem to have stopped. I am a bit frustrated with the lack of documentation. I was able to locate and add a few of the new features in 11.5, but I am yet to find the new Automatic Lighting option or tool. Can someone help? Thank you
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