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  1. Cris Dopher

    Marionette Node List

    This is AMAZING and worked the very first time for me. Thank you! It is worth noting that the alignments only work correctly if text is preset to justify left and top. And the design layer scale must be 1:1. And for some reason it put in VERY large text some unrelated text I'd typed in and then corrected recently in another file. Both of those strings came in. Does that have anything to do with the vsGetTextNode section at the top? Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  2. Cris Dopher

    OpenGL does not work in Edit Symbol 3D window

    I've been experiencing this too. I have found that editing symbols from the resource manager, rather than from the document (contextually) gets me better results.
  3. Cris Dopher

    Seating Section 2019

    Do you start with a Seating Section, or a Seating Layout and then convert to Section? Have you tried placing each section in a symbol and mirroring that? I did so recently and then exploded the symbols and got my seating sections without mirroring weirdness happening. It's a workaround. I agree with your basic complaint.
  4. Cris Dopher


    Another good idea Pat! I haven't had a moment to actually try this out, but I"m keeping it in the back of my mind for one of our upcoming projects going overseas. Cris Dopher GPJ CAD Administrator
  5. Cris Dopher

    Screen Refresh / Lag time in 2018

    Pretty much ALWAYS the solution! Haha. @Art V, have you tried reducing the graphics preferences to "good compatiblity"?
  6. Cris Dopher

    So what is this file? machine_uuid.txt?

    I'd like to know too. I know your copy of VW is registered by being tied to your machine's unique ID - I suspect this is part of it. Perhaps a temp file that gets created during the registration process but that didn't get deleted?
  7. Cris Dopher

    Add point clouds

    I have a point cloud imported from an .e57 file that is actually 7 point cloud objects. They overlay each other and together describe the building very well. I've trimmed away excess points and now I'm wondering if it's possible to turn all the points into a single point cloud object? Cris
  8. Cris Dopher


    This seems like a good way to go. I'll try it; thanks!
  9. Cris Dopher

    Screen Refresh / Lag time in 2018

    @Archi-RSH have you check your graphic quality in VW prefs? You want it set on Good Performance/Good Compatability, not Best Performance.
  10. Cris Dopher


    Hi all. Is there a way to give worksheets on drawing rounded corners? Cris Dopher
  11. Cris Dopher

    Vectorworks 2018 Import / Export File Formats

    Jim W, a tiny nitpick but in the export list, it says "Image files" where it should say "point clouds". And thanks for this full listing! Nice to have handy.
  12. I saw the Teaser Tuesday post about the touchbar customization, but I can't make it happen for some reason. With no document open, selecting "Customize Touchbar..." from the Vectorworks menu only leads to the System customization screen. With a document open, I only get the System screen and for only a split second. Then it disappears and VW is back on the screen. I've NEVER seen the VW tools on the Touchbar. What do you think the problem might be?j Cris Dopher
  13. Cris Dopher

    Teaser Tuesdays - Mac Touch Bar Support

    Exactly so! You speak my thoughts.
  14. Cris Dopher

    Prefix Classes

    I'm not sure it's wise to rename the None class. I've had issues before when that was attempted.
  15. Cris Dopher

    Rounding formula

    for archival sake, the answer here is to use the forumula =ROUNDUP(('lumber'.'length'),0) and make sure your column is set to display numbers as Dimensions. Whole feet is easy. Rounding to whole inches is more difficult in a feet-and-inches Units setup, as I'm finding.


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