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  1. Cris Dopher

    List All Classes in file

    Great script! Thank you!
  2. So it seems it really was as simple as specifying both layers in the criteria. For some reason, I always thought the criteria was exclusively an AND operation and that specifying two layers would result in nothing. My criteria line looks like this: =DATABASE((((L='HOUSE') | (L='FOH')) & ((R IN ['Seating Section']) | (R IN ['Event Planning Record'])))) So I guess the | symbol works as an OR function.
  3. Cris Dopher

    vwxp vs vwx file sizes

    Does anybody know why Project Files are so much smaller than .vwxw or .vwx files? The moment I do a "save as..." vwx, the file size doubles, sometimes more. Even backups are bigger than the project file, and I'm used to those being stripped of their 3D geometry to save file size. Cris Dopher
  4. TKA, that's not quite it. That looks like it's using =L in the database header of column K. I need to specify the Criteria for the database row as something like "look only on layers 5 and 7 for all objects with Platform &/or Deck records". the records part I have figured out. But the way of specifying a list of records doesn't work to specific a list of layers, too.
  5. Ah.... I will have to try that Boh. Thank you! TKA, that's pretty much the scenario. Needing to pull data from multiple (layers / classes / records / types /etc) take your pick. And combinations of those multiples. I sense myself headed down the rabbit hole of worksheets, but boy it sure has come in handy lately, except that some of my longer worksheets could be more compact by using a multiple data scenario like this.
  6. So I've figured out how to specifiy more than one record in my database criteria. But I can't seem to specify a list of layers. For instance, I want to pull data from Seating Sections spread across 3 layers. In this way I exclude the seating sections on other layers I don't want to count. Any advice?
  7. Title pretty much asks it all. I am frustrated by the returned length of softgoods and want to be able to round (up, preferably) so that we order whole units of softgoods. 24 feet, rather than 23 feet 9.5". The pipe-and-drape object in particular returns lengths that are not the drawn (desired) length, presumably deducting the diameter of the end poles. So. For this and many other uses, it would be helpful to have more control over the dimensional readouts in my worksheets. Advice?
  8. Cris Dopher

    Scale awareness of object nodes

    ELEPP, i don't see why not. Have you had some success with this by now?
  9. Cris Dopher

    Planar objects showing in RW modes

    rendering in a viewport might be better, but it doesn't contribute to efficiency. On the design layer, I can continue to make changes as Renderworks plugs away and it will restart the render when a resource is changed. It is just quicker on DLs. However, I've found a workaround, thanks to Selin's first comment: I set up a RW Style that this time includes edges, just set to 0 pixels. Voila.
  10. Cris Dopher

    Planar objects showing in RW modes

    This is not a viewport. This does not make me very happy, @Selin. This should at least be a preference.
  11. Cris Dopher

    Planar objects showing in RW modes

    I have a file that I've rendered side by side in 2018 and 2019. In 2018, the planar objects disappear as I expect them too. In 2019 - directly opened from the 2018 file, the planar objects pop back into existence at the end of the render. Is 2019 supposed to do this?
  12. Cris Dopher

    Marionette Node List

    This is AMAZING and worked the very first time for me. Thank you! It is worth noting that the alignments only work correctly if text is preset to justify left and top. And the design layer scale must be 1:1. And for some reason it put in VERY large text some unrelated text I'd typed in and then corrected recently in another file. Both of those strings came in. Does that have anything to do with the vsGetTextNode section at the top? Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  13. Cris Dopher

    OpenGL does not work in Edit Symbol 3D window

    I've been experiencing this too. I have found that editing symbols from the resource manager, rather than from the document (contextually) gets me better results.
  14. Cris Dopher

    Seating Section 2019

    Do you start with a Seating Section, or a Seating Layout and then convert to Section? Have you tried placing each section in a symbol and mirroring that? I did so recently and then exploded the symbols and got my seating sections without mirroring weirdness happening. It's a workaround. I agree with your basic complaint.
  15. Cris Dopher


    Another good idea Pat! I haven't had a moment to actually try this out, but I"m keeping it in the back of my mind for one of our upcoming projects going overseas. Cris Dopher GPJ CAD Administrator


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