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  1. Per the help system: Request: gray/disable Top Offset and Bot Offset input boxesin the OIP unless the wall components are set Relative to Wall. Is there a use case where these inputs are needed? If not, having active inputs that do not affect the model is only a source for confusion.
  2. It would be quite helpful to have the revision cloud tool function similar to the polygon tool, in that it could have one side left open. I seem to remember that this was possible in an older (ancient?) version of MiniCad or VW, but it was lost along the way. Allowing for show or hide edge modes in a revision cloud would also work. Thanks.
  3. I can't seem to draw a Revision Cloud Object with an open side. Unchecking the "closed" box in the Object Info palette has no affect. Is this a "feature" a bug or am I missing something? Thanks VW 2013 SP3 Mac OS 10.7.5
  4. It would be very usefull to have the beginning & ending sides of leader lines for dimensions indicated graphically when selected, much in the way that walls have a different highlight at the start and end. As of now, when I try to turn a leader line on or off I have to guess which side is which (with a 50% success rate). I am using VW 8.0.1 on MacOS8.5.1


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