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  1. Our users don't really use Workgroup Referencing. I just emailed Tech Support. Maybe they can help us. Thanks! Steven
  2. Thanks Lyndsey, We do have multiple serial numbers, but for us it is not an option to have unique numbers on each machine. There are just too many different people working on different times of the day with VW, so we want to keep it flexible. Is there another solution? Steven
  3. We are using Windows XP pro SP01, VW10.5.1, server: Windows 2000/2003. Steven
  4. First of all, thanks for your help. We allready tried to do this, but it makes no difference. It only stops when we really unplug the network connection (hardware). Can the problem be related to the license-management? Steven
  5. Thanks Viper, But our problem is network related (we think), if a person pulls the network plug, he can work normal again (has only no access to the network ofcourse) (XP-sp02 we didn't install it yet)
  6. Hello, We are using the American version of VW (so without dongles). We have about 10-15 people working with VW, in one network. The last two months Vectorworks has been running very slow at some times. For one or two hours all the users encounter the same problem: after 10 seconds drawing VW is stuck for around 15-20 seconds, and sofort. Very frustrating. It just stoppes everything, all we can do is wait. After one or two hours the problem disappears without particular reason, to return later without a clear reason. It has been going on for the last two months (only with VW), and seems to increase the last weeks to two-three times a day. Can someone help us out? Steven van Kooten KCAP - Rotterdam


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