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  1. The Navigation palette alone is worth the upgrade. I have recently upgraded all the Licenses in the office (20) and Everybody bar none is a lot happier using Architect.
  2. I have been unable to import from 2007. I have to ask people to back save the file. Its really frustrating and does not make me look good with fellow consultants. I hope i'm not missing something
  3. That work well then
  4. <a href="http://photobucket.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://i173.photobucket.com/albums/w77/leweshockeyclub/Picture6.jpg" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket"></a> Testing an HTML link
  5. If it is just pictures you need to post there is a website called photobucket which is free and very easy to use. Then you can leave a link on the forum to you images.
  6. I use intego Virus Barrier X4 on 20 macs and have never had any problems in the two years i have used it. Better safe than sorry.
  7. This issue seems to be a 12.5.1 problem i have recently updated from 12.5.0 which worked very well but now i am getting some corruption problems as descriped above. I updated all the permisions on my server and the problem seemed to go away but i was wrong its back am thinking of reinstalling 12.5 on all the machines in the office. Has any one got any better solutions
  9. I have started in the last half hour to get the message below on some recently used vw 12 files it has not happened before and i can't open these files at all. can any one shed some light This is an unrecognized file. It may be a vectorworks created by a newer version of the application, it may be a very old mini cad file, it may have been created by a nother application, or it may have been corrupted by a hardware or system error I am using vectorworks architects 12.01
  10. No its a waste of time stay clear
  11. I had something similar the other day and ran a utilities disk and found that i had some bad blocks on one of the hard drives on my server. Real pain but i had to reformat. Well worth checking. Good luck
  12. have you tried removing your printers from the printer setup utility and then add them back. It might help if this is a machine you have updated from panther to tiger.
  13. there is a object info pallette that tells you all about the selected object class, layer, length etc. (apple i) hope this helps
  14. i don't use spotlight but in the Cinema4D Export VW10 plugin there is a option to export lights you use in VW.
  15. Barry I tried downloading the script but it came up with a vector script error. Would it be alright if you could email it to me. Thanks for the help i have been trying to find a solution for this extremely frustrating problem for ages. Is it Richard of solutions in Brighton that you mentioned in one of you previous post oc@axiomarchitects.co.uk
  16. i don't think we will be seeing a new range of apple powerbooks for some time as it is going to take time for apple time (about a year) to get to grips with the new intel chips so given the options now is as good a time as any to buy. You could wait you whole life to a machine with that new gismo but what it comes down to is if its the right time for you to buy then buy the best you can.
  17. Sorry thats the only solution i have been able to find. The problem does not happen on all of my older drawings though. If i need to just print something off rather than edit it i print it from a machine still running panther. Good luck sorry i can't be more helpful
  18. I Have this problem and have found that the problem is with the scripts in my template sheets. to fix the problem i recreated my templates and re-imported the scripts. So far i have had a hundred percent sucess using this I hope this helps.
  19. I and the rest of the office i work in are still waiting for the return of the extend tool as last seen in vw 8.5.2 This was one of the best and most usefull time saving tools in vw and for it to not made a re apperance is criminal we would all love to see this excellent tool again soon. Please don't keep us waiting to long
  20. i would speak to your local supplier and get them to send you a demo before you fork out for the full version. I think that is going to be the best way for you to decide whether you can do what you want
  21. Alan i agree that to get a good finished model you need to use a few applications for instance i use VW Architects to Model the Main building because you can go into lots of detail. For the surrounding buildings i use sketch Up because it is quick and easy and to render i use Cinema 4D R9 which sets of the model realy well. I have been using Cinema 4D for about a year of and on and find it very easy to render with if i set up the classes in VW right. it is well worth persisting with because it is such a power full tool.
  22. I have just upgraded from vw11.5 to vw architect and have found the sketch feature is a good place to start as it looks good and is easy to use. I have found the 2D package to be pretty much the same but have not had time to go into much detail yet. Good Luck and if you find a new useful tools please share the welth Ole
  23. I would be very interested if there was but have been unable to find could be one for the wish list. What i have done is in my template drawing is set up template classes ie aa-int wall so that i don't have to continually edit classes hope this helps
  24. Ole

    mac and pdf

    Go to the web site below to download adobe reader http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html from there you can save the mac pdf as explained above into a acrobat one that pc's can read. hope this helps
  25. Ole

    Site Modeling

    I have just started to use the DTM and am finding it very good and easy to use when doing a simple site model but i am finding it hard to ad roads and car parks over to site model. Does anyone have sudgestions please Cheers Ole
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