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  1. yeah - that's what I was doing. I just figured out my problem. i have some symbols that didn't have a class assigned and though I had hidden some of the elements within the symols using class visibilty, i hadn't assigned the symbol itself a class in order to render it invisible. thanks, Stuart
  2. This is probably something very basic, but when I hide certain classes, then "select all" or use a custom selection, the hidden classes are also selected. What am I doing wrong? thanks, Stuart Allen
  3. Didn't find any "curve flattening" option in Illustrator, but I did find a solution - albeit a slghtly cumbersome one. In VW, rotate 3D model to appropriate view, then "convert to lines", "combine" curve segments, apply "smoothing", export as eps... The resulting file displays nice, smooth curves in Illistrator. thanks, Stuart
  4. I've tried smoothing to no avail. The lines were already bezier controlled before converting to NURBS. Interesting addition to the problem. If I re-import the DXF file to VW, the NURBS curves are not distorted, so apparently VW is able to interpret them properly while Illustrator is not. Hmmm... Any other thoughts out there. thanks,Stuart
  5. I can export as pdf or ps or eps file, but the curves are faceted in Illustrator, rather than continous lines with bezier control.
  6. I tried this post in general forum. I'll try again here. When I export a VW drawing as either DXF or DWG, then open the file in Illustrator, my NURBS curves all distorted. In the picture below, the line on the bottom is the original curve, the line on top is the result when opened in Illustrator. Can anyone offer me some insight here?
  7. When I export a drawing as a DXF or DWG file, then open in Illustrator, the NURBS curves are very distorted. The one on the bottom is the original curve, the one on the top is the curve after export. Anyone have any thoughts? thanks, Stuart
  8. yes, that sounds like a good explanation. any ideas on how to accomplish my goal? thanks for the help.
  9. that's a good tip, but I can't figure out a way to keep the contours from interacting poorly with the fill of the original nurbs surface. The contours fall partly above and partly below the original surface and a strange pattern emerges. any thoughts?
  10. I'm new to CAD software, using VW 11 on a MAC to model sculpture prior to fabrication. Using NURBS surfaces, I've successfully modeled some sail shapes, but I'd like to apply a hatch pattern to these surfaces. Is this possible? thanks, Stuart


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