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  1. I have found that if the 3D snap "snap to edge", is selected, it significantly slows down the application using viewports.
  2. Thanks for your help Katie, but I still haven't got the results I'm looking for. The best result so far is to select the viewport and CONVERT TO LINES command. That gets me a 2D group showing hidden lens, but then my referenced dimension and callouts get altered (i.e. loses text and arrowheads). If I can preserve the references somehow, we might have something. It would be nice to a single command or script to do all these steps before exporting.
  3. Well, where and when to you convert the objects? If you mean when you re-import the DXF file into VW, that doesn't work either. If you converting the 3D model before exporting, then obviously you don't get a hidden line drawing. What I see is a NURBS object translated to a 2D polygonal mesh. I want to see a hidden line 2D drawing that look like the original. What is even more anoying is that the exported DXF file has created a myriad of symbols including dimesions and text callouts.
  4. Katie, I think you missed DeanF's point. I know what he speaks of, because when in a viewport, arcs and circles don't get snaped by the dimension tool. What I have to do is trace an arc or circle over the model in the viewport, dimension it, then delete the temporary arc or circle. Kind of a lengthy process.
  5. Thanks for the response Katie, but I haven't had any luck with DXF either. When exporting DXF from VW then importing back into VW, the model turns into a polygonal mess. Isn't there a way to export the exact viewport rendering (i.e. hidden line) in 2D?
  6. I have just created a real nice drawing in V11 with multiple annotated viewports referenced to a 3D NURBS model layer. It's nice to look at, but now what? I need to send a 2D DWG version to a client. Is there a way to export the drawing that doesn't create polygonal mesh objects? The only way I've figured out is to export EPS to Illustrator then export again to DWG.
  7. I have a 3D model in Rhino that has dimensions viewable in 3D space. I need to import to VW to create sheets of different 3D views. Rhino doesn't export text in IGES, sooooo I exported them seperately, NURBS in IGES, and text in DWG to FormZ, where everything looks fine. But when trying to export a IGES file from FZ to VW, VW turns all text into 2D. Why? I can't get text from Rhino to VW and have it appear in 3D space. Why Oh Why?
  8. As long as we're knee deep in AutoCad lamentations... It's a bear working with VW AND Mac in a DWG and PC world. It does take some resolve, but I take comfort in knowing I can produce drawings faster than the others. But to my question; when I export to dwg (2000), my client (using A2002), tells me all the line weights look the same, regardless of zooming. I don't have a clue about AutoCAD settings and can't understand what the problem is and how to correct it. Any ideas? G
  9. I've noticed that when I run VW 9.5 on my PowerBook 800mz, that it reaaallllly sucks the battery down fast, twice as fast as normal. Is there a setting or change that would reduce this usage?
  10. Before I shell out the bucks for the upgrade from VW 9.5 to 10, is it worth trashing my present, dependable workhorse? This is on OSX too.
  11. With VW 9.0 I get an error that some component cannot be found, and with the VW 9.5 update, it bouces me back with "not a valid number".How can I get a PC number or get it to work with a PC? G
  12. I'm not sure how to tell, but I bought it for a mac. G
  13. I'd like to install the Windows version of VW on my Mac running Virtual PC (same machine with VW installed on Mac OS). I'd tried installing the 9.5 update to W'98 but could not get serial number accepted. Tried to install VW 9.0, but had an error installing. I know the license in for one platform only, but this is the same machine. Is there a workaround? Greg
  14. I start most projects by scanning in a sketch and using it as an underlay in VW to develop basic geometry. By only being able to use the bezier tool in 2D for curves is limiting, but that's what we have. I then import the plan and profiles into FZ via dwg and use those lines to derive surfaces or drive curves for nurbs surfaces. FZ has made good strides in nurbs.
  15. For some reason my prior reply wasn't posted, but as a piece of advice, I have a similar problem with my G3 with an internal ATI and PCI ATI 128 rage 16mb card. Slow redraws with VW 9.0-9.5, and other quirks with 9.5. (see prior postings) Perfomance with VW 8.5 was fine, and it looks like I'll have to live with it until the price drops on the new boxes.
  16. It's not the card, it's the program. I'm driving 2 19" screens with the internal ATI card and ATI Rage PCI card on the other with a beige 233. It's much slower with VW 9.0 & 9.5 (problmes in another thread) than 8.5. I'm considering going back to 8.5 just to speed things up.
  17. This sounds like a problem that I've had and posted earlier. It starts with any menu command,.. edit, move, rotate, etc. The flickering will be from the memu header that the command originated from. Mine continues 'till it slows the whole system down. Probably overwhelming the graphic card. Seems like this should of been debugged earlier, maybe they should try beta releases? Greg
  18. OK, I've tried turning virtual memory on and off, reducing undo's, raising app memory to 150mb, then lowering to VW's specs, updating video drivers, even re-installing OS 8.6, you name it, with the same result. I do leave my system on all the time, but on average it gets restarted every few days. VW will start slowing down even after a fresh reboot. The slowdown takes time, sometimes about 5-10 minutes, but I have noticed a possible corolation...when it starts it's usually with a command like "move" or "edit symbol" or such, and I then see the little yellow tool bar "hints" appear over the tools? Could any of this have an effect? If I had to bill a client for this time, it would be in the thousands by now. Greg
  19. I have 224mb built-in, the virtual memory is off, and I have about 300mb free on the app's hard drive. The file size doesn't seem to matter, the same problems apear on one 10k as one with 2mb.
  20. I changed the ram to 75-100 and the undo's were lowered to 10, with the same problems. I also restarted with a minumum extension set. When I switch to the finder and then back to the app, the symptoms disappear, then slowly bogs down again. I would hope my mac with 224mb wouldn't be "woefully inadequate", as i have 3d modelers that don't need more than 100mb. If VW can't run with that, somethings wrong! Still searching... GS
  21. Oh, I forgot... The app seems to start slowing down within a minute of starting up. It did crash my some aspects of my OS after leaving it open longer. (like internet configurations) -Greg
  22. Katie, I've bumped the minimum and prefered both up to 100mb with the same result. The file size is 1.7mb, and it runs fine on 9.0 (tho slower than 8.5). It seems to be a memory conflict with the OS, like it is occilating between the app and the OS. Just a hunch. -Greg
  23. I just received my VW 9.5 update and loaded it hoping it would improve the slow scrolls and move commands of 9.0. When I fired it up, it works fine, much faster, then starts lagging when any action is taken, (scroll, menu, tools), until it's so slow than it's unuseable. Then the menu (i think the "view") at the top starts flashing. Somethings wrong! Any ideas? Can I get my ten bucks back? it's a mac 233 75mb ram allocated, system 8.6.
  24. well interesting enough, even after i restarted and opened the same file, it crashed when copying. but, when i open another VW file and copied something, then went back to the problem file, the crashing no longer exists!???? go figure. if it happens again, i will send the file for an autopsy. -greg
  25. I've got a document that whenever I either duplicate or copy any item, it crashes the VW 9.0.1 program. Using OS 8.6 with 90mb allocated. By the way the document has referenced drawings and symbols. Any ideas? -greg
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