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  1. It is using TCP/IP - I was wanting to know specifically which protocol(s) within the suite of TCP/IP protocols -eg- UDP, RUDP, ICMP etc...
  2. We have a 16-station lab of G4s + another G4 for the dongle server. We are running Mac OS 10.3.7 and VectorWorks Series B068 Version 11.0.1 - The dongle server is running HASP License Manager User Interface 1.0.0 (Build 102). When everything was plugged into 10/100 hubs it worked fine. Since replacing the hubs with a Cisco Catalyst 3500 Series XL 24-port switch, the workstations can no longer see the dongle server. Does anyone know what IP protocol the HASP manger uses or anything that might be blocked on the switch by default. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks and regards, Blake


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