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  1. Hi I love the upgrade!! It came just in time for me to use "the sketch thing" on the frontpage of my finale report which I am going to hand over to my teacher tomorrow! Great!! I have a problem though. I often chrashes during rendering in open gl. I didn't do that before I upgraded. Fix that, and the program is very very close to perfect!
  2. KOLT

    Ugly dongle

    Too bad. I just bougt a bluetooth mouse so that I wouldn't have to use any wireless system wich requires some kind of ugly external reciever. Now I have to use the donglekey instead! Baaad! And what if i forget the dongle or it gets lost? I'm a bit disapointed about that stupid dongle!!! I shouldn't be nessesary!
  3. KOLT

    Ugly dongle

    Do I have to use the dongle every time im gonna use Vectorworks? or is there something I have missed so that I kan use the dongle once and then put it back in the box?


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