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  1. I see that my request for creating hedges has already been addressed in version 12 - afarid I'm out of date! Interesting to see otehr users requests. Please carry on. Lynda
  2. Lynda


    Islandmon, They look brilliant! I'n not familiar with Imageprop - I obviously have a long way to go. may I ask how your visual was rendered, is it Final quality Renderworks or have you done anything special? Lighting is another thing I;m getting unpredicatble results with. My viewports show a different intensity of colour to the linked image!!! Lynda Lynda
  3. Lynda


    I've been producing 'park railings' by using the handrail tool. Does anyone have any other flexible method please? I am investigating objects from polyline is this the best method? Lynda Landscape Architect student V11.5.1 on Win 2000
  4. On a landscape basis, I;d like to see a simple way of creating hedges in 3d. This often applies in visualisation. Another useful tool would be railings. There are lots of tools of this type in architect - handrails, furniture etc - but there is an absence of 3d tools of this type in landmark. The emphasis in Landmark seems to be on 2d whereas I beliec that 3d should be a big advantage of the program. How about UK based training - nice as it would be to travel to the US cost would be prohibitive! More 3d tree / plant symbols would also be helpful. (Ihaven't seen 12 so don't know if they have improved there?). Thanks to everyone who has helped me meantime! Lynda
  5. Lynda

    DTM won't render

    Re the above, some of my viewports won't render either in OpenGL or Renderworks. Some of the layers render the other remain as wireframe!
  6. I have a file with layers 2D and 3d including a DTM. I'm finding that some individual layers won't render in OpenGL only in Renderworks. Also, in layerlink the files won't render in OpenGL even though some of them render in the individual layers. This particularly applies to the DTM layer which only shows in Renderworks or wireframe when in a 3D view. Any ideas please? VW 11.5.1 on Win 2000
  7. Lynda

    DTM inaccurate

    I have created a DTM from 3D loci. These match the original contours exactly. When I create an existing and proposed DTm some of the contours created no longer match the existing positions. e.g. my 54m contour has been consistently moved east by 19m. Other contours have some curves squared off (quite drastically). This is without any modification. When I update my proposed model with site modifiers this is exagerated in some areas. Outside the fenced areas contours are altered when there is nothing happening there. The more I do the stranger some of the contours get. I have tried using elements in a new file from scratch but have just achieved the same result of crossing contours. One area looks like a childs scribble! There are also some very strange V shapes appearing. Am I doing something wrong with the fences? How are you supposed to set the elevation of these - by sending them to the surface, choosing a height (which is difficult on a slope), or leave it at 0 regardless of the pad or road height as it is a 2d object? I was doing well until the site became more complicated yet I can't even seem to backtrack the proposed model by eliminating items. Ironic as I'd almost finished the remodelling! Help gratefully accepted. 11.5 on Windows 2000. Lynda
  8. Lynda

    DTM inaccurate

    Yes, I'm getting the same problem with ditches and swales too. Both on the existing DTM and any new ones ce=reated for the proposed model. Makes a bit of a mockery of cut and fill calcs. Infuriating and looks like it could be back to the drawing board!
  9. Lynda

    DTM inaccurate

    Thanks for your reply. Not sure whether to be glad it's not just something I'm doing wrong or infuriated 'cos it's created more work! I don't totally undestand your refernce to grid separations - I wasn't using a grid knowingly but my z elevations are definately within the declared ranges. Can't ugrade an educational version to 12 unfortunately and can't afford to buy fresh as I'm having to do ACAD too. be intersting to find out how the opposition software works out when I finally get around to learning it! Thanks anyway. lynda
  10. Thanks for all of your help. All my pads have redlines but they don't overlap each other. I've just tried in a new file and am getting the same results with a single pad. Does it make any difference to a pad or fence if the elevation is set in the z co-ordinate or the config elevation window? I can't find any difference in the result. I have also combined the fences and put them around the whole area so that they don't overlap they show in a blue dotted line.
  11. I have created a pad for a permeable paved car park which has created a cut. However, I also need to include the construction depth in my cut and fill calcs. Is there a way to give the pad a 'depth' or would I have to use 3d polys to achieve the correct cut volume? A very 'student' quetsion agaim I'm afraid! v11.5 on PC
  12. I've just found the stake object tool so I am making advances. I have the full industry series but the educational version has no manuals! Thanks in advance for some help. Lynda
  13. Some of my site modifiers are adjoining. When I create fences these then cross the other site modifiers - pads, roads etc. I am getting some very strange results! Can I put all of my fences onto a separate layer and create them all at the same time so that they do not cross any pads or roads? Not ideal as this will not allow me to use a slope within the fence but if it gives more predictable results will be an improvement. Alternatively, is it possible to adjust / tweak the contour lines of a proposed model - created froma a DTM - manually? I am using v. 11.5 and don't think I can create stake objects other than for a road. (As a student I'm still learning!)
  14. A pad created with the site modifier tool always shows with a red outline in top plan view. This does not show in the attributes palette. Can I change this? I am working in v 11.5 on PC.
  15. I am re modelling land using existing and proposed DTMs. I have contours originally created from 3d polys. I also have other site modifiers, pads, massing models and fences etc. To create a lake I created new contour levels using 3d polys in 'layer cake' fashion on Site DTM Modifier class. I have also created a berm or mound in the same way. Is this the most efficient method or would I have been better to have created a nurbs surface, reshaped it and then converted to 3D polys? My file is now getting quite big so I'm keen to reduce the size if possible. The cut and fiull claculations also need to be accurate.


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