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  1. Having installed 11.5 I'm no longer able to start the programme as it states I have to update the dongle driver. I've uninstalled the update and tried to run VW 11 but with the same problem. Even after uninstalling and reinstalling VW11 I'm still left with this problem.

    The dongle is a real problem for our office. We use VW on laptops and have already lost one dongle (?120 to replace and 10 days of delay waiting for the item tobe dispatcehd) another dongle has been knocked and is going to have to be replaced also.

    Any help would be appreciated. I'm going to have to consider switching CAD package for the office if this annoying piece of plastic keeps wasting ou r valuable time.

  2. Glad to see there are other people using the wall framer. I'm still formulating my list for possible improvements. It is a great tool and I agree on the takeoffs. I normally copy the Vectorworks takeoff into Excel, print a copy and go through panel by panel making the necessary changes as I go on screen.

  3. Thanks for your help. This is what I'd been doing but I'd like it to behave as it would in reality. If I'd specced a wall to have a 30mm frame and a 20mm shim, the opening should be 100mm overall larger than the door size. Additionally, why the trim should have a bearing on the opening width is a mystery?

    THe wall framer seems to have a few bugs. We've been perservering with it for a number of weeks now and although it helps initially set up the drawing, every single frame has to be checked very closely for compliance with the plan and a high number altered to work properly. It would also be useful to be able to specify the maximum length for a single panel. We currently chop walls to create additional frames. I don't know if this is your experience or not but would be interested to hear your views.

  4. I'm afraid this made no difference. I tried a test using a 926x2060 door with 30mm jamb width and 5mm shim width. Trim and wall returns were zeroed and the stated rough opening size is 996x2100 - what i would expect. However, when I run the wall framer, this produces an opening of measuring 986x2090.

  5. we're currently designing some timber kits for some very standard house types. Our problem arises when the 'rough opening size' for the doors and windows does not correspond in any way to the actual size produced by the wall framer. The openings in the timber panels tend to be larger than the rough opening sizes shown in the object info palette for the doors and windows. Any suggestions?

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