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  1. Also, is it the window or the particular location? If you delete it, drag a copy of a healthy window to the same spot what happens? Or put that boarded-up window in a different location? [ 06-01-2005, 06:33 PM: Message edited by: Delmer ]
  2. What happens if that window has the "Use Wall Depth" OIP box checked? What happens if you leave the box unchecked and specify a frame depth slightly greater than your wall thickness? What happens when you render with Renderworks as opposed to Open GL?
  3. I just said deny all and have heard no more from it.
  4. I have the odd hatch that, when viewed in the hatch edit dialog, is zoomed way out (oftentimes 12.5%) and hence takes up to 5 seconds to redraw before allowing any edit operation. I can of course zoom back to 100% but it won't be saved at that factor upon exit. The scales are set to 1 and it doesn't affect the scale of the hatch on the drawing, is just a minor nuisance. Anyone know if/how this zoom factor can be saved?
  5. It would also save that little bit of hassle over getting the crosshairs as opposed to the reshape arrow.
  6. I don't know if 100% is based on the old Mac 72dpi or the Windows 110. I think it would take a little extra programming expertise to get 100% to adjust to the various monitor settings now available.
  7. As a footnote to this topic, it should be mentioned that in the print dialog there is a checkbox for transparent color bitmaps.
  8. I sometimes wonder if there isn't a glitch with the search engine. That or my occasional memory is faulty -could be either.
  9. There is always the option of copying everything to a new file. Depending on the file complexity that 15 minutes or so can save your hair in the long run. Its possible that you can also copy what is corrupting the file, but I have had reasonable success saving file info this way. There is no reason why it should make a difference but you might try saving by operations as opposed to time. I have worked with some Japanese guys who found that Buddhist prayer beads seemed to have an effect as well.
  10. You know what would be a good option that would satisfy the ACAD users who go to 3rd party plug-ins -but be even better? Ctrl/Alt/C or Ctrl/Alt/X which would bring up a second click option to specify a control/insertion point. You select a bunch of stuff on one drawing, Ctrl/Alt/C then click a point (just like specifying an insertion point for a symbol). When you paste elsewhere, be it another layer or another drawing, when you paste you are asked for the insertion point. It would fill the need that AutoCAD users have for their move routine and I think hard core VW folks might even find a place for it.
  11. Mike, not much help here but, -your autosaved file are going into their own subfolder right? -just from curiosity are you autosaving by time or operations? -is it just the one file? Albeit I am on Windows and lie under a different magnetic field, but since the 11.5 patch I have only crashed twice and backup files were in perfect order. I use the operations criteria for auto backups. I have noticed however that if I open and work in a backup file VW will not produce another one for me. That's why I wondered if your backups were in the same folder, perhaps that screws it up.
  12. Edit viewport, go into Crop and use the view tools there. Should work.
  13. If they don't touch use the Connect/Combine tool set to Dual Object Combine Mode and then close the last segment with the checkbox on the OIP. Extenting and combining arcs will convert them to polys, in which case its better to use the Dual object connection mode and then Compose as Grant mentioned.
  14. Marietta, from my experience the WGR comes in with all classes turned on regardless of last saved view in the referenced file. The saved Views in the referencING file are therefor still indispensable. I think this is appropriate because you wouldn't want your class visibility being altered when you update the referenced file just because someone was in there and turned all the dims or whatever off. Kevin, I don't know a way to add prefixes to a number of classes simultaneously, though I thought there was a discussion on here about that a while back, I could be wrong.
  15. I like scanning and setting a light color and having it there in the back, but in essence just as a visual. You still have to draw using measurements the way others have suggested. Though I do remember working with a new grad that had a scan and just used the line tool to trace over everything with no snaps or constraints of any kind. She soon moved on to making a physical model of a fireplace out of tracing paper and white-out.
  16. There are two ways you can end up with an open-sided poly, its just plain not closed (here you will have the checkbox), or one side is actually there but is hidden (no checkbox). If it is hidden you will see a centerpoint along the vacant side. Use the Hide or Show Edges function of the 2D reshape tool to click on the centerpoint and make it visible.
  17. Unless someone knows a script I think you may be SOL. You would have to custom select your callouts and explode in order to use the text capitalization feature and I doubt you want to do that.
  18. The best option I could offer is not to use the radial unless your puzzle is fairly circular. I think I would create a 1" x X" rectangular polygon with invisible borders, get the type of linear gradient you want in it and then duplicate and rotate it around your edges. Obviously the fewer curves you have the easier it will be. Mitre the corners but don't combine the polys. A second option would be to take your poly to Photoshop. Run a path around it with the pen, stroke the path with the airbrush set to the appropriate brush style & size, color & pressure, and then delete the half of the stroke that lies outside the poly. Bring back to VW as an image. [ 05-27-2005, 10:36 AM: Message edited by: Delmer ]
  19. So if you've got all that space and a backup software that you know how to use, what's the question again?
  20. Also, when you select multiple polygons the OIP will show you the total added area. If you have AEC you can also Create Gross Area Polys from walls.
  21. When the tile command came out a few years back I thought VW had an answer to ACAD's superhatch, only hopfully better. I even made a shortcut to it. However it started poor and went nowhere. If this could be made to work interactively with polys there would be a world of difference in hatching. Anyone could make whatever they wanted. Tiled stone patterns are way lighter on a drawing than comparable hatch patterns. I sometimes even export hatches to ACAD so I can explode them and bring them back to tile. But of course the editing is a pain. I had hoped that bitmap image fills would be an answer to heavy hatches but they just don't have the same print quality. The only plus side is that when tiling something there is the opportunity to come here and complain about it while the progress percentage ticks away.
  22. Its definitely a little tricky. You must be drawing foundation walls with cavities for furring or insulation combined with the concrete? If it is a single cavity then you know you don't have to do this, you just choose right or left control line mode. I don't quite get what you are drawing but maybe, as with last time, this will point you in the right direction: If for example you have an 8" concrete wall with 2" insulation on the outside and you want the line of the outside of conc. to follow an outside of stud line then your cavity offset will be 3" (total of 10", divided by 2 for the center = 5, minus 2 for the insulation = 3" = the offset from the center). Same thinking for the control offset. [ 05-26-2005, 06:33 PM: Message edited by: Delmer ]
  23. I don't know that you can do it WHILE drawing, but should have no problems setting it before drawing. Try selecting a different tool and then go back to the wall tool and see if you can set the prefs first. You likely know this one but the offset cannot be greater than half the wall thickness.
  24. In your Tool menu do you have Convert Copy to Lines? If so use hidden line mode.
  25. If you have to you can, in explorer, go under the Tool menu to Folder Options, the File Types tab, scroll to VW and select it, click Advanced, click Change Icon, browse to the VW folder and set it. The simple fact that its not coming up for you makes me wonder if something larger isn't amiss though.
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