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  1. Also, can't uninstall because it doesn't show up in the control panel, unwise.exe doesn't work and the 11.5 download won't reinstall over itself. Probably should have been happy with what I had.
  2. Is anyone else having problems with 11.5 crashing with windows? I've been so exstatic with the stability of 11; I would bet I was only able to crash it once in 5 months or so. After updating quicktime and VW to 11.5 it has crashed twice in as many days, on simple things like undo.
  3. They work super Brendan, thanks. I guess kiwis CAN fly!
  4. I can't say for sure about Chinese characters, but this might help; VW and the rest of the civilized world doesn't use ACAD shx fonts and will substitute them with system fonts. If you make sure that the ACAD file is initially using system fonts they should transfer without mishap. You may have to, in ACAD, go to Options, File tab and expand the entry "Support file search path" If there is no line item there enabling the program to use the system font folder then click the Add button and browse to the correct folder to enable those font choices. Hope that works.
  5. There were a couple useful tools that I had found online a few years back, when I changed computers I forgot to save these and I wonder if anyone knows where I might find them again. One was a shortcut to toggle on and off the "Show other objects while in groups" preference. Another was a utility the removed redundant lines, useful after converting a model object to lines. Thanks in advance, Delmer
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