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  1. Boris, Thanks for your message. I did update the driver a few weeks ago. I'll try again soon. Randy Fielding quote: Originally posted by Boris Madsen: Epson drivers usually need to be updated, according to the OS you use - at leat when it comes to Macs. I guess with PC's it might be the same. Have you already tryed and checked it out?
  2. Bob, Thanks for your message. I have contacted Epson via phone and web site, and downlowaded a new driver a few weeks ago. I'll go back and chaek again. Randy Fielding quote: Originally posted by Bob Armbruster: I have an Epson 1520, too. Epson's website has updates to the printer drivers, FAQs and Troubleshoooting info. Their support via the website www.epson.com is excellent. Quick response to emails. I also called their support line and got knowledgeable tech support.
  3. Sam, Thanks for the hint. I used Macs for 8 years, but had to switch to Windows in 97 - over 80% of my clients are on Windows. Randy Fielding quote: Originally posted by Sam Combs: Get a Mac! Actually, I have a 1520, a G3/233 and have no problems. I have no problems printing at 360 dpi, 720 dpi or whatever. Have you called Epson? Good Luck!
  4. Having problems printing on Epson 1520, particularly at resoution higher than 360. Running Win 2000. Any advice?


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