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  1. Is it possible to export a collection of custom plant symbols from 2014, reuse them in 2013, and then reimport the file back into 2014? There appears to be a dialog for exporting a plant symbol collection, but it is not very clear how it is supposed to work, or if this can in fact be done.
  2. When I try to drage a window/door out of the wall what happens instead is that the nearest endpoint of the wall jumps to my cursor position. This behavior seems to affect all objects in a particular layer of the file. I'm hoping there is a simple fix, don't want to have to rebuild the file...
  3. I would love to have someone explain to me the best way to do this. I am going to try building a hybrid symbol following the instuctions i found on this site, but the next part I am not sure of. I tried using the ID tool and was able to make it recognize a basic 2D graphic as a window, but I'm no clear how to add more information to the record


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