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  1. Is it possible to set up subfolders in the 2d_PSyms folder to help speed up the choice of symbols when one is creating the plant catalogue?
  2. My frustration level is pretty high. I need Vectorworks 11 to work the way it supposedly can. I'm willing to pay for help. Is it possible for someone to set up a plant catalogue with our plant database, apply symbols to each plant, set up a plant list with the items We want on the list? Its taken so long to get where I am, and I'm still not getting the "automatic" things to work. Thanks in advance!
  3. JanVan

    defining plants

    The folder looks missing when you are at the top level looking at the folders, but apparently it is really there. I'm baffled. Yes I did get the message to tell me to rename it.
  4. JanVan

    defining plants

    Yes I am using the plant data button. I've tried placing a plant in my dwg to see if it works, then selected the symbol for the plant and looked in object info and did indeed find the other info that was in the data base. So this is good. When I close this drawing, or sometimes the program crashes it for me, when I reopen the dwg, and try to continue with creating the plant catalogue, it says there are no 2d plant symbols. After I exit the edit plant catalogue and go back in again, they appear, but some of the plants i'd created are not there. It is when I recreated the entry in the catalogue and used the same id it crashed the program. in this dwg, it seems that the system folder was missing so I imported one from another dwg which meant that I had to rename the folders. I now have 2 system folders, but only one of them shows up in the top level which is empty and the other one that does not show up as a system folder contains the 2dsymbols and 3d and plant catalogue. I'm only trying to create a mediterranean plant catalogue template to use in other drawings. This is really obscure and sooooo time consuming, it would have been simpler to just buy one from someone. HELP. Sorry if I'm a dunce.
  5. JanVan

    defining plants

    Thanks, I went ahead and put a letter first and then a number. Its interesting and sad that none of the plants I'm putting into the catalogue are transferring their information from the Plant Reference Database. i'm wondering if i'm leaving out a step. I'm sure you're very busy and one of the few that really knows the system it seems from my phone conversations except for Kathy or Kate?
  6. JanVan

    defining plants

    Just wondering if you found anything out about using numbers as id
  7. JanVan

    defining plants

    in the edit plant catalog box, i clicked new and when i click plant data and bring up the plant in the data base and click ok, I dont get the correct id nor do I get the plant size. under help in creating plant definitions, i think it says that the data should transfer to the plant catalogue. What am I doing wrong?
  8. what is the easiest way to move new symbols into the 2d symbol folder?
  9. JanVan

    defining plants

    1 was entered as the plant id
  10. i'm using vectorworks 11 and I've assigned numbers as the id names, so in this case it was abutilon hybridum and I assigned number 1 and it keeps saying ABhy-#
  11. i can only access the 2d symbols in one of my drawings. How can I see that folder in my other drawings?
  12. Only in one of my drawings, one that a Nemechek tech helped me on, in the resource brower there is a symbol folder and within that a system folder. I'm trying use my previously created symbols to put into the 2d symbol folder so that I can use them in the plant catalogue. Sorry if this is a really long sentence. Is there a way that I can have the system folder accessable and also use my favorites?
  13. Thankyou, that solved my problem
  14. this number is the same as it says in the utility


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