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  1. Hi everybody! I wondered how I could implement a menu with dynamic and variable chunks under windows. The SDK says the right sequence of instructions, but only for macintosh. How could I do this for windows-VW? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi! In our company we are using a HP DesignJet 1055CM over a CUPS-Server running on Linux for Macs with OSX 10.3.9 and PCs with Win2k and WinXP. Printing with HPGL under Windows produces strange behavior: o Printing on layersettings _gray others_ results in very long spooling time (~4 hours!) So I thougt a PostScript-driver would be the solution. Installing an PS3-Driver directly downloaded from HP's homepage produces the following situation: o Patterns are nearly solid or let's say that small to recognize them as such, when you look at it from normal distance. o Layers at _gray others_ are printed in reasonable time (about 10 minutes) To sum it up: The HPGL driver produces nice and fast printing-output, but the time-situation with grayed layers is well known I think. Postscript scrambles the Patterns so they won't be recognized anymore. Driverversions are: PostScript: 5.02 HPGL: 4.99 Any help would be or advice would be cool to solve that problems.
  3. Hello! Short question about custom-colors: Is it possible to change a color's RGB-values within a PlugIn-Object? The aim is to reset colors, so when the PlugIn-Object regenerates that the color looks always the same. Thanks in advance (and sorry for my bad english ) -Thomas


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