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  1. This is similar to the response I got initially from the VW tech guys when I presented our 8 - 30 second delay upon exiting various editing modes. To test this theory, I made a brand spanking new 2013 file from scratch and continued to experience the delay problems. VW now says they are aware of this problem and are working on it.
  2. Ditto but my delay is 8 - 30 seconds.
  3. We are experiencing the same weirdness. In our case an extreme delay of 8 - 30 seconds when exiting various edit modes such as edit symbol or edit group. This problem comes and goes without any discernible pattern. I have corresponded to VW tech guys. They say they are aware of this problem and are working on it.
  4. Sorry for this LONG delay. The error appears on the monitor. I have had some success using Onyx to delete my Font Cache including the Font cache of Adobe and Microsoft Office.
  5. We are using VW 11.5, 10.4.6 and ethernet connected HP1055. Since upgrading to Tiger we have been experiencing several pictwpstops printing errors. In one case reverting to a document that was created prior to the Tiger upgrade solved the proble. In one case making viewport crops rectangles instead of many sided polygons helped. A search of the internet turned up a myriad of pictwpstops complaints from many different apps with numerous different suggested fixes/workarounds. Any definitive advice would be a great help. Thanks.
  6. When converting this single object Symbol to Group, the object will take on the attributes of the then active class, i.e. the class that is active when the symbol is converted to group. Although this seems odd, the symbol becomes a single object as opposed to a group when converted to a group. Prior to converting, almost any change to the single object symbol will cause it to be a group when converted. This group will take on the attributes of the then active class. But the contents of the group, even the single object, will retain their original attributes and class.
  7. A rare case of symbol ?misbehavior? has been discovered, if all of the following parameters are met: After creating a new symbol, containing only ONE object with an assigned class name and using the class settings in the attributes palettes, and if this symbol has never modified in any way, i.e adding a second object or converting a rectangle to a polygon etc., then when converting this Symbol to Group, the object will take on the attributes of the default class, which in most cases is the none class. This is due to the symbol actually converting to an object, rather then to a group. The fix for this problem is, to simply add an object to the symbol, save it, and then re-enter the symbol and deleting the bogus object. Now, when converting Symbol to Group, it will remain a group and will retain the original class attributes.
  8. Thanks for the suggestion and the great resource link. I am investigating now if this tool will work with VW v11.0.1. I will post the amswer here.
  9. After importing a dwg file, I find that almost every element is duplicated, i.e. there are two of everything on top of each other. Is there any way to select and delete these duplicates? Thanks for any ideas.
  10. Thanks for the help. Unfortunately, they are all on the same layer. No help on re-importing either. With 17,000 plus elements, the one by one solution will not work. Maybe I'll just live with it. Anybody else?
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