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  1. yes. i used to do the square thingy in my last office. a pain at the start but once you print them out, the printout saves you huge amount of time knowing the colour will appear as you want them to be. hopefully there'll be more colours to be added in future versions. pantone range perhaps on the main palette?
  2. mainly because photoshop is an excellent tool for graphics presentation.
  3. I seems to have trouble controlling the line thickness of the drawings when I export them as EPS format and import them into Photoshop. On most occasions, the line thickness appears very faint and the drawing could not be used in the presentation. Only on some rare occassions that I am able to import them with the line thickness apprear perfectly as needed. Would appreciate some help here! Thanks!
  4. i tried again last night using the ESP export. Working wonders now. Am rather puzzled why it gave me an error message previously. That's why I needed to use AI to import it. Phew! Thanks guys!
  5. thanks for the feedback. seems to be working fine now! =)
  6. using the export to an image file would not allow me to have the flexibility of changing the line colour of the drawing. the problem at the moment is any change in the image colour would also change the background colour of the image.
  7. I migrated from VW8.5 to VW10.5 last year. In VW8.5, to reduce the print out of an A1 dwg to A3 size, I set the page setup to 71% of the original size. Once I saved file, the page setup remember the 71% setting. However, when I tried that in VW10.5, I am unable to save the setting. Each time I open the file, the default mode is set back to 100% page size. Any idea? Thanks.
  8. I'm using VW 10.5. I use Photoshop for my final editing in my presentation. I use the following to convert my drawings to photoshop: 1. Export as DXF file 2. Use Adobe Illustrator to open the DXF file 3. Save as Adobe Illustrator file 4. Open the Adobe Illustrator file in Photoshop. So far it seems to be the only way I am able to transfer my dwgs into Photoshop. Anybody has a better idea or shortcut? In addition, does anybody know why the line weight is so much finer in appearance in Photoshop as compared to VW once it has been imported into Photoshop? Any way to resolve this? Appreciate any reply. Thanks.
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