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  1. when defining an optional format in the page setup menu and highlightting it, it shows on screen OK. printing on a HP designjet 800 PS however results in blank sheets. Why are we restricted in page sizes?
  2. how strange can it be. we tried to print simple coloured drawing (VW 10.5/OSX3.8/HP800 PS) with pattern. first print no raster visible, swell. next print visible raster (remember macpaint) and the third print turned out blank with only one small part printed. when we rotate the drawing it prints more -but still not everything. terrible.
  3. we tried different printer settings (normal, best). since part of the drawings is in colour, with pictures we cannot compromise on resolution. our MacPlotRaster driven 650C printed fast 600 dpi and did a terrific job on that. other problem: some drawings turn out blank, but they also do when we make a print preview on screen (aka pdf dump). what is obstructiung vectorworks katie? and why does it take so long to spool a louse 10 Mb to the plotter?
  4. for ages we plotted on a HP 650C, over MacPlot RAster and an old CPU to RIP the files from different MINICAD/VW computers over the network. our new HP 800 PS is amazingly s-l-o-w. not a network problem at all but sending a 12 MB VW drawing to the plotter (just getting it from a to b, no processing or plotting included) lastst for over 15 minutes. the plotter is configured by rendez-vous, IP plotrtring and we use the most recent driver included in the OS (not the HP package). we did the firmware update last week and no changes. other problem when we specify a custom size drawing and plot it it simply spits out a blank sheet (hey but it's the right size) after three hours of numbers crunching. this plotter is an awful combination to VW!
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