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  1. I would like to be able to create a section through a model. is this possible using a viewport? i have created my veiwport and added a crop to it. is it possible to now add a depth/extrusion to the rectangle that defines the cropped viewport? so that i can define in the "Z" direction what is veiwed.
  2. Perhaps you could try resetting the preferences by pressing reset in vectorworks preferences menu. This solved my problems but as I have stated I don't believe the problem is to do with scripting anymore.
  3. Problem solved : I reset vectorworks preferences with the reset button in the bottom left corner of the preferences menu and all is well.
  4. Vectorworks has been running fine on XP SP2 for months, now when I open a file through file/open the visual C++ runtime error occurs, however if I open the same file from its location by double-click, it will open fine. I don't believe anything has changed, perhaps a Microsoft Automatic Update at most. I have reinstalled Vectorworks several times, same error occurs on 10.1 -> 10.5.1. I have tried several documents. I do not believe my graphics card drivers are to blame as they have not changed. I have the lastest HASP/HL drivers installed and the dongle is working fine. Any ideas? James Pitt Vectorworks 10.5.1 AMD Duron 1800Mhz/768Mb DDR/S3 ProSavageDDR
  5. I now believe this is not a vectorscript issue. I am encountering the same run-time error when I open any file in Vectorworks, however, if I open the file straight from the desktop it will load up fine. Posting to General Discussion.
  6. Problem solved : the process has changed and i no longer need to clip the items It would be interesting to know why these functions and procedures seem to cause runtime errors though.
  7. I believe I have identified the cause of the problem, however I still don't understand why. {In the case below handles have been assigned to the first stud and the last stud and also during a loop to all the inbetween studs using a dynarray. A flatstrap is placed over these in certain cases and we must show the overlap, hence intersect and clip} referenceflatstrap := LNewObj; FOR i := 1 TO totalstuds DO BEGIN PenPat(-3); h := IntersectSurface(referencestud,referenceflatstrap); ClipSurface(referencestud,referenceflatstrap); END;
  8. Additionally, it may be worth a mention that the script compiles ok, it even completes ok, and I can view the drawing it creates. However, once I have zoomed in and out a little, or everytime I close the drawing it produces the error. The script is over 49kb in size. Is there a limit? Is there an error log?
  9. More of an enquiry really as to whether anyone else has written a script which causes the standard Visual C++ runtime error. "This application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way". This error only occurs in the one script I am producing and has not occured in previous revisions of the same script. Can anyone help? James Pitt Tested on Vectorworks 10.1 -> 10.5.1 (Windows)
  10. I am fairly new to developing vectorscript. One of the scripts I am required to produce involves switching between layers and printing, including printing to PDF. I have read multiple discussions regarding this. Currently I am at the point where I can invoke the print dialog, however I cannot control the options to select print to PDF and additionally I am not able to put the layername in as the name of the PDF. I understand there are some new features in Vectorworks 11 for batch printing, however our office is currently using Vectorworks 10 and the implementation of the new product will take some time. I can see the need to control dialog boxes (post invoking through domenutextbyname) will crop up time and time again. Is there anyway I can control the options through Vectorscript (v10)? Does vectorscript v11 offer the option to control dialog options? Can I use Pascal commands in a vectorscript to set these options or will I need an API? Can I create API's, and how? Are there any advanced references guides that can be obtained which will help with this level of scripting? I have obtained a copy of the applescript 2 program that was written to batch print to PDF, which I am sure will be very helpful in the short term, however although we have both Mac & Windows versions, our department runs purely on PC. I have had a quick look at Windows scripting options and it totally confused me. Any recommendations on this approach? I am happy to learn entirely new languages to perfect these scripts, so time to develop automation in Vectorworks is secondary to the completion of the project. Any help greatly appreciated. James Pitt


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