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  1. Also, I can't edit the attributes for the stair object no matter how I try. Someone posted a free site where you can upload images and their links could be posted here. Anyone remember what was it?
  2. Thanks to Mike Oz for the tip. You have to go to the Resouse Browser and delete what you don't need. Super simple, but for some reason my Resourses>Show Obeject Types for Schedules was not selected and obviously the Schedules were not visible in the Resouse Browser. Bravo Tech Board!!
  3. It happened also in VW 11.5. I think it was my mistake trying to updet the schedules I instead re created them with a different name. Now I go to the window>worksheet and have more than one schedule that I can call up. But I can't physically get to them to erase the extra ones.
  4. Use FILE>IMPORT>IMPORT IMAGE FILE. At least in VW 12.0
  5. How can I get rid of repeated Room Finish Schedules and Room Finish Legends. And why does it happen?
  6. quote: Originally posted by compusam: Ramon PG, I tried your suggestion regarding changing line weights for trim parts, however, this did not solve the texture rendering probelm. I have posted more detailed info in the RenderWorks forum, but essentially, this bug has been around since VW 11 and became worse in VW 12 due to more parts to control... In VW 12.0.1, there has been some improvement? the erroneous border does not occur in Hidden Line, but it still occurs in almost all other rendering modes. I was a bit confused on the first item. I am still using 12.0.0. On the borders occurring in almost all rendering modes, I do not have the borders occur in final quality RenderWorks as I had at the beginning. Very confusing since I keep reading that the issue is supposedly resolved in 12.0.1 but you insist it did not. ??? [ 03-07-2006, 08:20 AM: Message edited by: Ramon PG ]
  7. Robert, once again I truly appreciate your concern. But I don't feel like upgrading to 12.0.1 just yet from what I am reading about it in the forum. My BBB is gone into remission and I will not be doing anything with upgrades till I finish the job I started in 11.5 and languished thru 12.0.1. and back to 12.0.0 [ 03-06-2006, 03:14 PM: Message edited by: Ramon PG ]
  8. That's precisely the issue. Roof objects accept the attribute change, but not wall or floor objects.
  9. quote: Originally posted by mike m oz: What people like Skot need is resources that show them how to use the program efficiently and effectively to achieve results. ..... Providing better "How To Work" resources with the program should be a priority. These should be supplemented by more "How to Work" movies downloadable from the website. I totally agree. I have been there, completely confused and told by Tech Support that what I need is to attend to their seminars (a few thousands of miles away). The "how to" is the issue. You read about all the great features and then you don't have a clue on where to start. For me at least, the drawing/viewport setup routine is next to useless since it will not work with your added or edited classes and layers.
  10. quote: Originally posted by Skot: ...That said, I get 2D drawings (if I'm lucky they're even VW dwg files) from the architects I work with and then turn those into engineering drawings that match. How in the world can it possibly be cost effective for me to take someone else's 2D dwg, turn that into a 3D viewport and spit out the 2D views I need? ... I 'm not sure what you mean by 3D viewport. Remember you are trying to make base level info that will be reused may times. Eg: The plan view will share info with and be used for Existing, Demolition, Arch, Elect, Mech, Plumbing, Furniture, Reflected, etc. A plan view can be further viewported for enlarged Kitchen, Bathroom, closet plans. I get your point that engineering drawings might not benefit that much. Except that if you get a 3D model from the Arch you could insert all your work and be aware of the available space and route conditions. It is already being done in high tech (meaning expensive) projects were time and proper coordination means tons of money saved. On the other hand, if you work engineering systems with 3D you will get the in-house benefit of better coordination. Especially in multi-story buildings. And less mistakes and clarification drawings for the contractor, means your time saved. I would love better coordination from my consulting team. But, again, they are not trained to work with 3D drawings or even any kind of viewports or referencing. I've had my Elect and Mech, who are the same people, place lamps and a/c diffusers into the same spot in a ceiling grid!! They work their drawings separately. Then I am supposed to do their coordination. I choose 3D because it saves time and coordination effort. Even if it is a closet design. With VW you don't need much more time to do it in 3D. [ 03-06-2006, 01:38 AM: Message edited by: Ramon PG ]
  11. jan15, In my view it has more to do with ignorance than anything else. Had I known that 3D (in VectorWorks) was so easy I would have started a long time ago. But the tutorial info, even from the MiniCAD era was unfathomable, at least to me. Another thing is that most Arch firms are small and they just try to go by with the least possible expense in terms of tech personnel. Anyone can draw CAD within a week's experience, but it takes a few of months to decently master 3D. It's definitely worth it but takes time and money. You pose an interesting question. I, too, wonder how many VWs users actually do 3D modeling.
  12. quote: Originally posted by jan15: What about complete 3D virtual modelling? Is everyone using that? I do it, but I don't know any other architects who do, except through internet forums. Complete 3D virtual modelling is quite an accomplishment. It can more easily be done (with texturing, cars, people, trees, etc.) when a project is large $$$ or when you have a resident expert which most firms don't. But 3D modelling is not that complicated at all.
  13. Is it VW 12.0.x? You may have encountered the dreaded Big Border Bug. Try editing one of the weird ones. Go to Obj Info>Settings>View>Line Weights and select 00 line weight for Trim. Also check the following: http://techboard.nemetschek.net/ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=16;t=001729 Be very persistent and patient. And COMPLAIN.
  14. I'm a bit confused... Are you buying or selling?
  15. quote: Originally posted by jan15: A layer is like a physical location. Anything you paste is pasted onto the current layer. But a pasted object does bring its class along with it. Just remember that if the item's Class visibility is "off" or does not exist it will be pasted but invisible. Took me awhile to figure out where a lot of stuff was going. Or if the Class or Layer is not active you may see it but not be able to "grab" it; use right-click "Force Select" .
  16. In 12.0.0 There is no way to edit the attribute of wall or floor objects in SVPs. You will only see the attribute that shows in plan. It only happens with wall or floor objects. Roof objects accept the attribute change. So you can't hatch a low wall or sidewalk curb in SVP unless the hatch already shows in plan (which will be confusing). Or can you? Anyone? [ 03-04-2006, 11:30 AM: Message edited by: Ramon PG ]
  17. quote: Originally posted by jan15: George, But my point is that many people still aren't using it for the underlying part. They do complete 2D construction drawings in Autocad, and then have someone create a 3D model of the exterior only and render one or two views of it for presentation. Some architects aren't even using viewports in Autocad, and I've never yet seen an engineer's drawing that does. AutoCAD precisely. It's obviously complicated. SketchUp is the opposite. And VectorWorks is a pretty good marriage of both capabilities 2D & 3D.
  18. quote: Originally posted by jan15: But right now I don't know anyone who's using 3D at all, except for renderings to impress a client or a zoning board. I start all projects as full interior/exterior Sketchup 3D models, to study the geometry and to export basic 2D views as a start on construction drawings. For me, that's an easier first step in the transition to 3D. But I don't know anyone else who's even doing that. Well, I do. And I am no expert, far from it. I can't do a half decent rendering yet, but I definitely work 3D. I just decided that working in SketchUp and transporting to 2D was too much trouble. I think anything you can do in SU, you can do in VW. Maybe not as fast or nice looking (SU is super nice). But you can definitely get the job done, esp geometry; and while doing your geometry studies you are actually doing the startup phase of your Const Dwgs. And, as I said earlier, any revision done in the model is automatically and geometrically coordinated; icing on the cake.... I am a believer. I'm a bit pissed over v12.0.x lately, but definitely a believer. It is a great step in the right direction. [ 03-02-2006, 10:38 PM: Message edited by: Ramon PG ]
  19. quote: Originally posted by jan15: In the future we won't even produce construction drawings. We'll just give the builders a disk containing a virtual 3D model, to view on their job-site computers. Right on. Totally agree. You have the perfect frame of mind...
  20. quote: Originally posted by Skot: I still have yet to see how veiwports can be a useful tool for what we do. Every demo of viewports that I have seen is done from a 3D model, already prepared ahead of time. We are strictly 2D in my office. I hear everybody raving about viewports being the end-all, be-all, but I just don't get it. Believe. You'll do 50% more work in the same time. You just don't get it, yet; but when you do, you'll have a rushing sensation of power and relief... VPs can be extraordinarily useful. Just doing one simple door or window relocation to a design halfway through the CDs is murder. And clients love to do that to us all the time. A revision in a model (3D) will automatically be updated in 3/4s of your info. That is precisely why I came over from PowerCADD. It simply couldn't do any decent viewporting. And it is strictly 2D. A great program otherwise. Think about it, you are now using your computer as a $4K pencil.
  21. Robert: Thank You, it did work. This particular issue is prob not a bug. No training was required.
  22. Robert: First of all I truly appreciate your concern here. That being said, do you realize that we've been at this (battling 12.0.x inconsistencies, bugs, transient or otherwise..) one way or another for more than FOUR months?
  23. BandA: Not just the frustration, but the loss of time and revenue from having to beta test without consent and then seemingly receiving an upgrade that in turn had to be upgraded because it was deffective. To add insult to injury, the feeling I've gotten lately is that most of the bugs were "known", as so many posts assert in this very forum.
  24. quote: Originally posted by Ramon PG: I kept trying to "reconnect" the Line (sic) Instance since it now will not show a check mark no matter how many times I try. Strangely, the linking does work flawlessly, but still no check mark. Still can't get the Instance to show. No checkmark!!
  25. quote: Originally posted by Robert Anderson: Ramon, this is because any action that will reset the walls or windows will fix the "huge trim" problem. THis is a sort of "transient bug" that occurs only if the walls or windows are in a temporary un-reset state. I am not sure what "any action" means. Can you be specific? And why would that seemingly not work for Compusam?
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