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  1. Daryl, Check the following to see if we have a common problem. http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=100949&page=1#Post100949
  2. Bruce, Your predicament is very interesting. I've had the problem since Dec. 2007. My VWs symptoms are exactly the same as yours. I was being helped by tech support's Ernest, but all of a sudden I get no more responses. I am very dissapointed with the lack of information on the issue. And makes you wonder about quality control... I cannot confirm that it has to do with 12.5.3, but I did find that VW 12.0.0 does not exhibit the problem. I found that all is normal up until you create ANY schedule (even a drawing schedule) or just peek into the VA Set Profile. I have even installed VWs several times and ever created new users to repeat all the repair attempts as recommended by tech to no avail. Do NOT upgrade any computer until some solution is found.
  3. Anyone tried the OmniPlan? http://www.omnigroup.com/
  4. Me too. I also miss the clarity line weights can give a drawings. Ram?n
  5. sprague: ...use the old "data-editing" method. Go to the Data tab in the Obj Info palette and enter the comment there. Did you enter =('Room Record'.Remarks) in the database row of the Door Schedule? Also remember you can always edit the column text header in the schedule (as long as you don't touch the record) to whatever you like: Note, Remaks, etc. [ 04-14-2006, 10:00 PM: Message edited by: Ramon PG ]
  6. quote: Originally posted by Ramon PG: quote:Originally posted by sprague: 3. Remarks Column: What happened to the remarks column? Does no one else add remarks? We almost add remarks. TECH SUPPORT AND PROGRAMMERS - We need a remarks column. The Remarks dissapeared but check if there's a Note column as in doors and windows. I checked and there isn't one. I had to use the old "data-editing" method. And assign the proper link in the Schedule so that it shows. Here's the link I use: =('Room Record'.Remarks) I only wish these inconsistencies were better explained at update time so that we may save our valuable time for designing (which is what we like) and invoicing!!! (hopefuly).
  7. quote: Originally posted by mnelson: Greg. Thank you! Aggregate is what I should have asked for in the first place to avoid frustration and confusion. Pardon if this is a dumb suggestion but, why not scale a (concrete or similar) hatch? Tiles I don't get; They're nice looking, but how the heck can you do a large surface with them?
  8. quote: Originally posted by sprague: 3. Remarks Column: What happened to the remarks column? Does no one else add remarks? We almost add remarks. TECH SUPPORT AND PROGRAMMERS - We need a remarks column. The Remarks dissapeared but check if there's a Note column as in doors and windows.
  9. quote: Originally posted by adroney: I cut and pasted the keynotes from the sheet layer into the annotations of each viewport. The text size of the legend still blows up sometimes but this may be because I originally created the keynotes on the sheet layer. It did however solve my biggest problem of the leader lengths changing which was a huge relief. So thanks everyone for your help. I'm afraid I've done that already. It sort of makes sense to have your notes toghether. But if you add another keynote you'll find that another legend is created outside the Viewport.
  10. quote: Originally posted by Peter Eichel: ...Use the annotation system in VW's as intended and you should not have any problems. Can you explain the sudden font size problem? It does exist. The issue is that if you don't go fixing every sheet one by one you are going to waste a lot of time and ploting paper. Using the annotation system in VW's as intended is what we are trying to figure out. We are learning from everyone at the TechBoard. [ 04-04-2006, 11:02 AM: Message edited by: Ramon PG ]
  11. Loyd: How can you "eliminate the spikes but not set the points back to the elev it belongs..." Check the OBJ INFO window when editing 3D polygons and be sure you are editing vertices and not the whole item.
  12. Tom: That seems to be it. But then the Legend font size blowup exprerienced by adroney and me is a definite anomaly.
  13. quote: Originally posted by Peter Eichel: When you say you are placing keynotes "outside" of the viewports, I am assuming you are creating the referenced callouts on the sheet layer as opposed to annotating the viewports. When using the keynote feature of callouts, you should place your callouts in the viewport via the annotations mode to avoid this scaling issue. As for saving time, you only have to double click a viewport to annotate it and cropped viewports can be resized if that's an issue. I think the problem is with VW's automatic placement of the keynote on the sheet layer, which to me isn't really a problem if you use the tool as intended. I use callout and keynotes both in design layers (Site or Plan) and sheet layers (enlarged plans). The thing with me is that placing keynotes in Viewports result in Keynotes Legend appearing outside the Annotations. By outside I mean it sits along the actual VPs, drawing border, etc. I can place keynotes inside the VP at a proper scale, as you say, but the Legend is "ousite" inaaccesible and not visible while I'm annotating. May be the intended way, since the manual says the Legend sits on the active layer, but still inaccessible. [ 04-03-2006, 10:20 AM: Message edited by: Ramon PG ]
  14. Peter: Thanks for the reply. That's the way I have been doing it. But since the "Recalculate" option was not dimmed I thought maybe it was possible. I would be a fantastic feature.
  15. quote: Originally posted by Ramon PG: What is the use of the "Recalculate" option in the Drawing List if the list will never update the changed Sheet Layer Drawing Borders? Or will it? Anyone?
  16. quote: Originally posted by dspearman: Take a look at the 3d polys that you are using for source data. Are any of their vertices a 0,0? Look at them in isometric or elevation view prior to executing the DTM. The 0,0 points will show up.
  17. quote: Originally posted by mike m oz: ... timber, steel, concrete and masonry. The handrails and balustrade capability also needs to be expanded. Newel posts are a must! Concrete: Section it and it will show as a wood hybrid. (?) Balustrade: Can't make horizontal rails with separations less than 12" Why not incorporate the flexibility of the railing tool? [ 04-03-2006, 11:35 AM: Message edited by: Ramon PG ]
  18. quote: Originally posted by adroney: -The computer freezes for about a minute as I move the keynotes around, then recovers. This happens roughly every 5 minutes. -When I edit the annotation layer and then exit, the keynote legend text size gets huge. I have to double click on it to edit, then hit the 'okay' and the size returns to normal. Because of all these problems, I gave up using the keynotes. I just use a textblock for the notes and the callout tool with a number instead of text. I would like to be able to use this feature though. Please respond if you have any ideas. Same happens over here when using keynotes in Viewports. Those firsts two items are a bug in my opinion. I have been given the advice of using notes in design layers only using several classes for each drawing: Plan-Notes, Reflected-Notes, etc. Same for dimensions, I guess. I'm convinced that is a vestigial way of dealing with notes since it will make enlarged sections of the drawings show up with huge notes and dims. But it seems to be workaround for the "bug". I don't like it and don't use it, yet... You can easily fix the huge keynote legend text sort-of-resetting it by re-choosing the font type. The nuisance is that it will occur at least once during each drawing session. BTW, Another inexplicable thing is that keynote legend text will never appear inside the Viewport with the notes as it logically should (The name is Annotations, no??). It floats in the Viewport ether (nothingness, space-continuum...) [ 04-03-2006, 09:34 AM: Message edited by: Ramon PG ]
  19. Try sorting the number column in the Schedule. Also check the resourse browser for extra door schedules (maybe with similar names) and delete them.
  20. Use ?VA Set Project Prefs? to check the path to the current Architect preferences folder, and check that the ?Room Finish Library.txt? file is in that folder. This is the file that the ?Assign Room Finish? dialog looks at for its information. The preceding info was submitted to me by Charles Chandler of NEMETSCHEK. The edited/added Room Finishes are not in the ?Room Finish Library.txt? file in the Architect preferences folder. I'll either fetch the correct one or edit it all over again. Thanks for clearing this up.
  21. A few days a go my Edited Room Finished dissapeared. The Room Finish Schedule and Room Finish Legend still shows them. But, if I press the Assign Room Finishes button in the Obj Info palette to change or edit them they don't show !!?? Why would this happen? [ 03-29-2006, 10:25 AM: Message edited by: Ramon PG ]
  22. What is the use of the "Recalculate" option in the Drawing List if the list will never update the changed Sheet Layer Drawing Borders?
  23. Welcome to the club. Try giving the enabled muntings a zero line value in the window edit dialog.
  24. So it would seem. But even with the keynotes "inside" the VP you get the Keynote Legend outside the VP, as I said. So there is an inconsistency or minor but annoying bug. I say annoying because from time to time the Keynote Legend outside the VP will blow-up its font size about 20 times and you'll have to enter the Keynote Legend, do a silly tweak and It'll go back to its former size. Happening to anyone also?
  25. Is there any advantage to placing notes on top of Viewports (VPs) versus placing them as annotations inside VPs? I find it weird that notes placed inside VPs as keynotes will generate a Keynote Legend outside the VP. For v12.0.x what is the "recommended" or "standard" way, if any?
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