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  1. Nice going. All running VWs on OS 11.1, I presume? Sorry for insisting but my current setup is in need of upgrading and that means a big hit, VWs + Mac.
  2. Seems to me that 6 months of testing is a LOT. And all this silence about it. I may be needing a hardware upgrade soon and would not like to buy an Intel Mac and receive a few weeks later the news that VW 2021 has been updated for M1.
  3. CLARIFICATION: I see now this has to do with Vision... Hello, so what is the latest official information on Vectorworks on Apple M1? This status from 12/10/20 is the only info available? "Vision 2020 and 2021 versions: Testing finds that versions will not run in Rosetta 2 emulation. At the time of this writing, we recommend that users not update yet and check with us for status about the new M1 processors."
  4. Thanks for the tip, it worked perfectly.
  5. I started an apartment layout at 1:48, walls and doors and windows... a usual. All works OK. I converted the Apt layout into a symbol and repeated it on each floor layer. Works OK. Created Spaces and attached a Space Tag. Works OK. I copied and pasted the Spaces in to the Apt symbol and now the Spaces font is so tiny it looks like a dot although it still is a space object. What can I do to show it normal size?
  6. @Pat Stanford Thanks for the refresher. And how can I add Frame Detail info, Fire Rating info, HDW Set info, Door Data info (Manuf, Model...), Etc, to each door style in the Obj Info window instead of to the Door Schedule on a one-by-one basis?
  7. I could swear I could convert a door to a symbol to repeat it all over and still get to assign it a unique schedule number. Seems I cannot.
  8. @Pat Stanford How can yo view the doors/windows in elevation on the schedules? Completely forgot. Thanks
  9. Wow... been looking for those two for a while, thanks!! GetSpaceNameForObj and GetSpaceNumberForObj.
  10. Thanks for the help. I'll look into that hardware update.
  11. Got an "Error loading Vision". I click OK, twice. I was asked my serial number and I entered. Got asked my name and company and I entered. 2017 quit.
  12. Hello Jim, I have the file but this site does not accept .spx files and the instructions say "DO NOT change format to RFT". I tried compacting it to a .zip and here it goes. Mac mini.spx.zip
  13. I was able to enter my info and play a bit with 2017. A couple of hours later it refuses to start and just quits after trying to load "Workspace Support System". I have entered my registration info twice already. Don't I get an acknowledgment by email?
  14. This is a Section VP of a stair tool object. The Attributes inside Advanced Properties are set to show the Section Plane as "Merged Cross Section", the "Create Structural and Non Structural Groups" in not chosen. The "Attribute Class" is Section Style and it has been edited to show a concrete hatch. So why only half of the stair shows correctly? https://www.dropbox.com/s/1zz2yt97c3m9w57/PastedGraphic-3.png?dl=0
  15. Hi there. I seems to have lost the ability to receive e-mail alerts whe my posts are replied to. So hows the kayaking!! you should have seen the Rio Grande de Loiza these pasts rains. They say we prob hit the 200-year rainfall mark for one day showers. I'm no longer in Old San Juan but get in touch with me when in S.J.
  16. Another bit of advice is not to completely design in plan without taking the roof into consideration. Sometimes your roof will be the guiding element. Please, let us know how it develops! par?ti [pahr-tee, pahr-tee] ?noun Architecture. the basic scheme or concept of an architectural design.
  17. Try retracing your path to the problem. Start from the basic file and add one or two textures each time and do a render. Or duplicate the file and go back one or two textures a a time and render. You'll find the culprit texture or bottleneck. I find that a couple of line lights and area lights that render like fluorescents make my 30-second renderings take up to 20 minutes to render.
  18. "There are available View layer tools, 3D tools, lighting tools, etc and not a word on how to use any of them. There are available walktrhough and flyover tools - how does someone not intimately familiar with Vectorworks (such as your boss or the client) use these? " Yep. Just downloaded it for a test drive since I recommended it to a client and I can't render the VPs or find any of the Saved Views. I guess you're supposed to clean up and render all before sending the file over. AND, how can you lock the file so that ou work is not suceptible to being passed along to other users of the full VWs application? Arch. Ram?n P?rez-Gatell San Juan, Puerto Rico MacBook Pro, 2.2Ghz, 2Gb RAM; OS 10.4.10; VW, RW 12.5.3
  19. I guess I'm a bit late for his one, but care to explain what is it about ( or was...) Regards, Arch. Ram?n P?rez-Gatell San Juan, Puerto Rico MacBook Pro, 2.2Ghz, 2Gb RAM; OS 10.4.11; VWA, RW 12.5.3
  20. Same problem here. And trying to edit the Room finishes gives me a set of blank options. See related topic. http://techboard.nemetschek.net/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=91876#Post91876
  21. gnarkch, Just wondering if "going back to 12.5.2" solved anything. I'm still stuck with the issue after almost 4 months of trying to go around it. Tech Support doesn't seem to have a clue. Anyone in VW2008 has the same issues?
  22. I had worked with VA profile, up to now, with very good results. You say "it seems that 12.5.3 did something weird to the 'write' access to some folders." Funny, same problem here and I use a Mac... Moving the VW_Arch folder out of the VW folder produced no positive results.
  23. Daryl, Check the following to see if we have a common problem. http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=100949&page=1#Post100949
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