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  1. I programmed the Record and now I can insert the Sheet Number and Name in the Navigation Palette or Title Block and they will be coordinated. But the Drawing List Worksheet will only read the sheet number, even when I enter the exact name in the Record Format file. I'm obviously doing something wrong but cannot figure it out.
  2. Thanks for thefile, Wes. I would need it v.2017.
  3. I remember a few years ago about this and never got to solve it so I went back to unstyled walls. I'm giving styled walls and slabs another chance for this presentation I'm doing, but can't make walls accept an alternate hatch or fill in viewports. How do you do it? Thanks for any help.
  4. It worked, thanks... but now I remember why, as someone wrote a few days ago, "the stair tool sucks".
  5. Other tan selecting "concrete" in the stair settings I don't see where the actual sub-class components show.
  6. Thanks, your help and lots of tweaking set it right. And... how do you get concrete stairs to show their material in section? Other tan selecting "concrete" in the stair settings I don't see where the actual sub-class components show.
  7. Ever since styled walls/slabs I cannot make any of them show their components in section when using advanced properties in section viewports. Any pointers on the instructions for this?
  8. Thanks for this. Stories admittedly is very powerful, yet not intuitive to implement bc of so many factors and items that inter relate but are not well explained in the Help or Tutorials.
  9. Boh, I figured it out... with much difficulty, unintuitive... fiddling around. Many thanks to you and Zoomer for pointing me in this direction. Actually, I'm using v.2017.
  10. Thanks Boh, I'll give it a try... I haven't used DLVP since a few years back. I'm relearning some of the basics.
  11. Thanks Zoomer. I was figuring it had ti do with the symbol being in a sort of spatial limbo, but why can't I tell the walls to accept a relative height just as they accept a horizontal dimension? I already switched the wall top/bottom to Layer Wall Height and Layer Elevation and it has no effect, I cannot edit anything.. There obviously is a method to the madness bc as you can see some of the wall do not go nuts, but I cannot figure it out. This has to have been an issue with more famous architects who do office or condo designs. How do they do it?
  12. I have this apartment design that I thought was useful to convert to a symbol since it will be repeated. But I find that elements inside it: walls, doors, windows will behave strangely and not comply with my attempts to locate them vertically or size them. These 3 walls were perfectly sized and now they went rogue and I can't locate the below the railing. I can resize them and locate them on +0 level outside the symbol but they go nuts again once inside the apartment symbol. Can't figure out whats going on.
  13. Pat, thanks for that great post. I guess the money you think you save you eventually have to put up. I did have Service Select, but after Hurricane Maria in 2018 business is far, far from normal.
  14. Nice going. All running VWs on OS 11.1, I presume? Sorry for insisting but my current setup is in need of upgrading and that means a big hit, VWs + Mac.
  15. Seems to me that 6 months of testing is a LOT. And all this silence about it. I may be needing a hardware upgrade soon and would not like to buy an Intel Mac and receive a few weeks later the news that VW 2021 has been updated for M1.
  16. CLARIFICATION: I see now this has to do with Vision... Hello, so what is the latest official information on Vectorworks on Apple M1? This status from 12/10/20 is the only info available? "Vision 2020 and 2021 versions: Testing finds that versions will not run in Rosetta 2 emulation. At the time of this writing, we recommend that users not update yet and check with us for status about the new M1 processors."
  17. Hello, And... which hardware would that be?
  18. Thanks for the tip, it worked perfectly.
  19. I started an apartment layout at 1:48, walls and doors and windows... a usual. All works OK. I converted the Apt layout into a symbol and repeated it on each floor layer. Works OK. Created Spaces and attached a Space Tag. Works OK. I copied and pasted the Spaces in to the Apt symbol and now the Spaces font is so tiny it looks like a dot although it still is a space object. What can I do to show it normal size?
  20. @Pat Stanford Thanks for the refresher. And how can I add Frame Detail info, Fire Rating info, HDW Set info, Door Data info (Manuf, Model...), Etc, to each door style in the Obj Info window instead of to the Door Schedule on a one-by-one basis?
  21. I could swear I could convert a door to a symbol to repeat it all over and still get to assign it a unique schedule number. Seems I cannot.
  22. @Pat Stanford How can yo view the doors/windows in elevation on the schedules? Completely forgot. Thanks
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