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  1. I use the tilde key for the arrow tool and have and set the X key for "Suspend Snapping", but even when set it does not work. Any suggestions are appreciated... going nuts with clicking and unblocking the snaps. My setup used to work fine in 2017.
  2. Is there a way to keep the drainage slope and make the bottom of the concrete slab horizontal? Thanks.
  3. Very good advise. And I guess we'll be seeing VWs 2022 late this very year.
  4. I believe so, too... 2020 and newer. Thanks for the note. Can't take both the M1 AND VWs 2021 hit right now.
  5. Anyone knows if Parallels on an M1 will let you run older VW (2017) versions under an older Mac OS? I can't take the $2021$ hit right now. Update: Started a new job and had to take the plunge on a Powerbook M1. Running VWs 2021 with minor issues: 1. Screen vertical banding when drag-scrolling 2. Delays and freezes with push/pull, working with older files 3. Crashes while dragging libraries, push/pulls 4. Beach ball appearances after many operations.
  6. Do you know if Parallels on an M1 will let you run older VW versions under an older Mac OS?
  7. It's an Interior Elevation Viewport and it has no Smoothing Angle feature.
  8. Is there a solution to the lines in the toilet? Also, is there a way to dimm furniture (refrig, stove, micro) the same way as the plan VP lets me? Thanks
  9. Got it, but you first (or after) have to deactivate "X" the wall-components.
  10. Thanks again... I had a glitch but figured it out.
  11. Thanks, I think I finally get it and have fixed my previously edited walls. Much appreciated.
  12. Thanks, Wes, it bombed a couple of times but I eventually was able to open and save it and it was very explanatory. I have been able to fix my wall classes errors.
  13. I'll be tweaking this a while. I think I now understand it. Thanks for the prompt reply.
  14. "...you want to Make All Attributes By Class." You mean to choose <Active Style>?
  15. Can you give it a last chance and send it on another version, 2016, maybe? Thanks.
  16. Haven't been able to open the file. It crashes my VWs 2017 very single time.
  17. In enlarged views I don't want to show the wall materials, just the outlines. But, I cannot edit the classes in styled walls to show only the outlines, I can only hide the components if dimmed. Can I keep the black wall outlines and just dimm the components? Thanks.
  18. Thanks for the script; This is what the script gives me: 'Drawing Border - Universal'.'__drawingTitle' ...but does not work This is what I found hidden somewhere in one of my other drawings... ='TitleBlockRec-Arch'.'S_ShtTitle Line 1_SD' ...does work!!! Other lines that did work: ='TitleBlockRec-Arch'.'S_ShtTitle Line 2' ='TitleBlockRec-Arch'.'S_ShtTitle Line 3'
  19. I programmed the Record and now I can insert the Sheet Number and Name in the Navigation Palette or Title Block and they will be coordinated. But the Drawing List Worksheet will only read the sheet number, even when I enter the exact name in the Record Format file. I'm obviously doing something wrong but cannot figure it out.
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