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  1. It would save lots of time if there was such a command. I remember when you could stop a viewport render, but it seems it doesn't work anymore.
  2. Let me know where is the file and where can I send it. Also, is there a thread we can report Mac M1 issues?
  3. I see you're on the M1, also. I find the 2021 push/pull very unreliable and even crashes my Mac.
  4. I am on 2021 and I am having problems making even very simple push/pull objects. The operation will work a few times and then the beachball comes up and there no way of cancelling the operation and I have to do a forced restart. Now I have to save before even clicking on the tool.
  5. Found and updated it. Thanks.
  6. It has never happened to me. My user folder is separate from the app folder.
  7. Thanks for the reply, Pat. My "Favorite" folder is populated with my files. So, seems OK. Seems I cleared things up. The App Folder: My User Folder:
  8. I see that some Resource Manager "Favorite" items are in the User Folder that I created, but some are in the Vectorworks 2021 application folder. Is this OK?
  9. Thanks for the reply, much appreciated.
  10. I am trying to edit a Massing Model I did a few day ago and when I try to edit the height from 10 feet to 15 feet this happens. Looks interesting but it's not what I want. I know I can edit textures for MM walls or Roofs but not separately for wall/roof heights. Or can I? Thanks.
  11. Couldn't fix it no matter what, so I went back and redid the viewport.
  12. I am getting the beachball of doom almost every time I try to draw or edit with Push/Pull tool an extrude or floor in 3D. It will subside after a couple of minutes, but sometimes seems indefinite and I have to force quit. Even restarting does not alleviate it and issue comes back again. Using M1 MacBook Pro, 16 mb RAM
  13. It is set. When I enter the viewport it is also set and DS does show. But the viewport seems to be showing (1st pic) some DS way out detached from the object(s). Definitely not the intended effect.
  14. Why don’t Drop Shadows show in the Viewport? Background is a Google pic.
  15. Seems like I did something to my document that now shows no drop shadows even when it is set and a value is given. All items are classed None and no attributes were given to the class. Other documents behave normally and do apply DS when clicked. When the text is copied and pasted on another document the DS show. Is it a layer setup that I edited but didn't notice?
  16. Thanks for the reply. The JPEG was really big bc of the resolution, and resizing it did not make it smaller in MBs. The Colorsync utility always gives results that I don't like, too fuzzy. So I'll try your suggestion on compressing before importing. PDF Pen Pro gives great compression results.
  17. Found a great way!! The new PDF Pen Pro, has an excellent compression feature. So, no need to import and work with shabby JPEGs in VWs.
  18. My pdf files are huge! I could compress the pdfs later but now its becoming a paying service.
  19. So, after restarting for the second time it works with my intended key. Thanks for your prompt reply Pat.
  20. I'll check that, thanks. Now I recall that it has happened before and this time actually not all the settings transported from 2017 to 2021. Seems I have to recreate the whole command structure, even the stock ones like copy and paste!! Update: recreating the Basic Tools palette is giving me an incredible hard time. The items don't want to move and behave!! Really buggy!! Wow.
  21. You could rent VWs 2021 for a month and do the updating you need. I am currently using an M1 and the rented 2021 and will decide in the near future if I buy it. I prob will, since 2021 works very nicely, only minor glitches.
  22. I use the tilde key for the arrow tool and had and set the X key for "Suspend Snapping", but even when set it does not work. Any suggestions are appreciated... My setup used to work fine in 2017. Update: retested it using the tilde key and, still... doesn't work.
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