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  1. quote: Originally posted by Travis: ...Assign each light its own class: Light-SW; Light-SE; etc. Ingenious, indeed. I guesss I'm still thinking "inside the box". never thought about turning the Sun on or off at will.
  2. quote: Originally posted by Travis: R, Try "stacking" multiple Viewports. The back one might have the model rendered in Renderworks, the front one might be Hidden Line. You can even set Hidden Line to one of the Sketch modes. If you'll place a "sun"light on the referenced layer angled for each of the four sides, with each assigned to its own class, you can turn on the appropriate light for shadows (from the Viewport) on all four elevations. Very slick. How do you solve the "sun" thing. I want my Model to have shadow but if i want all four elevs AND my sections to have controlled shadows the lighting goes nuts.
  3. quote: Originally posted by Travis: You can have "live" sections if you'll class your exterior walls separately (and possibly even some interior walls). Turn off/on the walls as needed. Can you have the sectioned walls and floors to automatically show some hatch or color according to their class?
  4. How do you print black in order not to get light fuzzy prints? I use colors in Floor Plan to differentiate between new, existing and demolition.
  5. Fixed. For some reason the setup was as you describe, yet the Model from which the perspective was "viewported" did not have the glazing type visible.
  6. As a new user to VW i have been greatly impressed with the 3D capabilities of the program. And yet, terribly frustrated by the mediocre ability to do decent sections and elevations usable in a construction drawing. Great renderings, yes. But the hidden line renderings with the lack of surface healing and "triangulation" are an unsufferable pain in the butt. I can't understand how a program with so many great architectural features could miss on such basic bread and butter stuff as sections and elevations.
  7. Thanks for the info. it will certainly do the trick. but i still wonder why the pre-packaged borders have insertable info having to do with with drawing name and number.
  8. Anyway.. I did make a class for it but, what layer should it be on? Design or Sheet?
  9. Great suggestions I'll check them out. One question, can I decide if glass it to be opaque or transparent? El;evations with transparent glass are confusing
  10. "You can also render the model in Sheet Save View-Use the bitmap tool to copy images shadows-then copy and convert to lines-Hand Sketch Mode and place on top of Bitmap image and edit line atributes-Quick and dirty. Without view ports. " This will take me a week to analyze...
  11. "But it seem benchmarks do not work in annotations. Try start a new viewport at 1/4" scale add a bench mark, go to the sheet and move the view port. The bench mark scales its self to 1:1? I've tried it a few time" Jonel, Happens to me too. Font goes to size 668 or someting. It's a bug in VW, I think. I am too trying to do the "live" elevations and sections. It's so silly to go through the tedious 3D modelling only to have to manually redraw the elevations and sections.
  12. "I can't figure out how to view the model as a whole entity. When I go to View>Standard View>Right Isometric, for example, the 3d view is displayed for the active layer. How do I look at a 3d view of the whole building?" Layer Link an Model View do it, but how about an editable or live 3D of the whole building? It's really strange to have to double-click a 3D model and have it revert to the Plan/Top view of the layer; then you have to go back and select 3D from the Standard Views menu. Is there a way to achieve this?
  13. Travis, Thanks again. "Saved Views of every Design Layer" sounds nice but it means you should have your setup pretty well thought out (which I don't, right now) in order not to have to go back and re-save the views. I think it would be great if you could divide your window into several views or layers all showing at once. You could click on a smaller window or pallete name and that layer would come up. You work on it and select another layer or view. Having to scroll down the layer and class in the Data Display Bar is starting to make my index finger and hand numb... Of course you could memorize the layer windows pull-down commands but you still would not have, say, plan and isometric side by side.
  14. I am currently exploring the possibility of doing a Convert Copy to Lines" on top of a rendered elevation. I hope to get the lines needed for precision and rendering (including mild shadows shadow) needed for depth understanding.
  15. I'll check that out. I actually pasted it onto the Sheet layer. I thought maybe VW would tell me "NOT HERE DUMMY!!" Thanks for the help.
  16. Pardon my lapses, please take note of my member number. OK, for the Nth time I saved the view. As you say. BUT, now I have all layers squished at the same height relative to themselves. I know Model or Links can fix it but I won't have the layers readily editable unless double clicking. Or do I have a defective drawing, program or brain.
  17. Jonel, BTW, you can try and ungroup the Benchmarks. It tames them into inert submission.
  18. mjkoolighan: " i rarely trim or cut, just cover. i have found that adding more to the enormous amout of lines is faster than trying to take away- " This makes a lot of sense to me. But I wonder if there is a way to keep the elevations or sections as "live" as possible as Seena (and I) wish. It is obvious she has seen that rendered elevs show no object line-joints and can make for super-cool construction drawings even with some mild shadows.
  19. Chris, Thanks for the reply. You were right. I was really lost because I can undersatnd why classes go invisible without you telling them. I'm really freaking out with the Create Layer Link command which suddenly decides not to show the roof layer even when several operations back it did. Seems to me that the Views you use turn off layers also in the Layer Link, but why would that make sense ???
  20. Exactly what class do you use to place the drawing border and notes to be seen in the final Sheet. I am trying to export a Sheet to DWG and they are nowhere to be found.
  21. Does anyone know why my Model elevations will not show door or window detal? I only get the shape of the opening.
  22. Seena, I am pretty new with VW but I too find annotating Viewports (VPs) really clumsy. I was playing around with your idea of using the Model View Tool (in design layers) to generate the elevations and find it quite promising. I could even insert lighting into the layer and got shadows in. Even the hidden line rendering looks better than in VPs. But I'm just starting to experiment... The only drawbacks I see with using the Model View Tool in design layers is cleaning up the drawings if you want line art since hidden line does not solve the joints between objects (which would be great) and the fact that you cannot render the elevs separately as you can in VPs. BTW, anyone, how do you clean joints between objects? Do you manually retrace the final version of the elevation/section?
  23. I did find a "NW House.mcd" but it was a very simple drawing. it helped a bit.
  24. Thank You all for your comments. My 'extras' folder Islandmon writes about has nothing of the sort and the "sample" folder only includes: Air Cylinder.mcd Collar.mcd Mfg Example Butterfly Valve Adjacency Matrix.csv PCB Assembly.mcd Survey File.txt No Architectural drawings.
  25. I really forgot that the reason for this post is to inquire if there are any sample drawings that one could study to learn about layers and classes. It would help me, and I am sure many others, a lot more than verbal explanations. Maybe someone would like to share his or her setup. Thanks for any help.
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