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  1. quote: Originally posted by Roman: Speaking of Vectorworks vs. ArchiCAD, I'm trying to figure just to how to take advantage of the BIM approach in Vectorworks. Are there any simple tutorials out there in how to make a complete 3D model which is then taken into 2D working drawings? Roman, Try these links. http://www.nemetschek.net/architect/ http://www.nemetschek.net/architect/features/index2.php The BIM is in my opinion the goal towards which VW and many other CAD programs are heading. And I think, from an architect's point of view, it is a fantastic idea. But, I'm not sure there is even a definite standard to it, just yet. I "dived" into VW exactly a year ago because I got tired of 2D's inability to better control the design enough to avoid simple and dumb but costly and embarrassing coordination errors. Not being able to go to seminars in the US, the learning experience was quite a trip. But, there is no going back. Designing in 3D is very close to the ideal (until some type of holographic CAD comes around); you are able to make richer, more coordinated CDs. [ 01-16-2006, 12:20 AM: Message edited by: Ramon PG ]
  2. quote: Originally posted by John CPR: 2. I have struggled for a number of hours to get the window PIO to work in 2D to show inner and outer sills but cannot get this to work. This is in a drawing where the window PIO worked flawlessly (for me) in Version 11.5. Can someone please confirm that either this is a major bug/flaw in Version 12 or else what is the solution to the problem. John Ryan CPR Architects OSX - G5 2Ghz - Vw 12 Have you tried a completely new v12 window instead of struggling with the v11.5 converted ones? I think I solved my window border problems that way.
  3. "Is there a formula that I can insert into my Window Schedule that will automatically record the window's elevation as noted in the Windows Preference dialog? The formula is =(Window.Elevation). Create a new column in your Window Schedule and title it "Elevation". Next from the Worksheet pull-down menu select Database Headers. This will open all the Database Header rows in the Window Schedule worksheet. With the Database Header rows open on the worksheet, select cell under the cell titled "Elevation" and past in the formula bar, =(Window.Elevation). Then check the green check box. This will automatically add the each window's elevation to your window schedule. Lastly, from the Worksheet menu, uncheck Database Header to hide the database row. Then reformat the column appropriately." I wonder who found out about this first?
  4. Kevin, Double-click on the door and go to the rightmost tab "Data". The click on "ID Settings" and give your door or window the proper number. (Also use the Obj Info) You can also choose the ID Class so that your "bubbles" do not show in certain Viewports if you don't want them. The most confusing part with the v12 upgrade is that you no longer use the Obj Info "Data" section to insert information for doors and windows. Use the previous method. You still use it for furniture, plumbing fixtures, etc. [ 01-14-2006, 11:59 PM: Message edited by: Ramon PG ]
  5. quote: Originally posted by islandmon: .... Clients can read them and edit and post notes and place links and Acrobat keeps track of the changes no matter how many times you send the file back&forth. Haven't looked into Acrobat mainly because of its ridiculous price, but can people with just Acrobat Reader make comments? Or does everyone in the "info-network" have to buy Acrobat?
  6. Something similar happens over here. All land measurements are done in meters (our Spanish colonial heritage) but all construction is done in feet (our present colonial condition...) It would be nice if dimensions could be individually changed and stayed either English or metric.
  7. Some of use have had some "quirky" issues with doors and windows in v12. Until NNA comes up with v12.1, I would advise you to erase all v11 doors and windows and use the PIOs from v12. It worked for me after trying for hours and hours to find a way around the issues. Other than that, v12 with Section Viewports is one super time saver. You'll want to do a million sections.
  8. Have you tried double-clicking them and editing the line weights in each window item like, jamb, sash, glazing...?
  9. There is a setting that will let you Show 3D Hinge Direction. I would prefer for the hinge direction to show in 2D elevations & sections where I think it is more useful. Is there a way? (Other than annotating Viewports)
  10. I tried to use Task Manager but when I added classes and layers not in the default it got too confusing for me.
  11. quote: Originally posted by islandmon: Is it possible to use a hybrid symbol ? I am not sure how would you do that. Esp, when I am talking about 2 dozen ret. walls, all different curvature, height. etc. No two are the same.
  12. I need to show curved keystone walls as straight in order for the engineering dept. to draw the actual keYstones and their relation to top elevation, grade, etc. Possible? I am now superimposing a poligon, converting it to lines and straightening each line segment manually. YIKES!! [ 01-11-2006, 10:25 AM: Message edited by: Ramon PG ]
  13. pdf lab seems to be more of an organizer. I use PDF Pen for that, but it's not free ($30?). Batch printing to PDF would be a super addition to VW output options. You can now (in the Print Dialog) open PDFs in another application, but the rest of the batched sheets will print to the default printer. Is there a "virtual" printer that would let you print to PDF now? There used to be one in Mac OS 9. http://www.jwwalker.com/pages/pdf.html
  14. quote: Originally posted by Katie: Like I've said above, if you are printing from the sheet layer - that needs to be set to 300 or higher. Sheet Layer at 300 dpi makes absolutely no difference... As I said before, both docs have exactly the same: Document Prefs Resolution: 300 dpi Sheet Layer DPI: 75 Print Dialog Application Resolution: 300 dpi And they are both 24 x 36 and converted to VW v12 from v11.5. On the other hand... Pasting the bitmap to a new VW 12 doc with the same dpi parameters as above solves the problem. So my original big-dot-printing doc is jinxed, or is there a way to re-convert it to v12?
  15. Katie: Setting the printer (in the Print Dialog) to 300 dpi (or even 600 dpi) doesn't do it...!! And all the other settings are exactly the same: Document Prefs Resolution: 300 dpi Sheet Layer DPI: 75 Print Dialog Application Resolution: 300 dpi There has to be another issue here because when you look real close even the fonts look jagged compared to the finer printing doc. It's not just a bitmap thing. [ 01-09-2006, 01:32 PM: Message edited by: Ramon PG ]
  16. quote: Originally posted by Katie: If the bitmap is on a sheet layer, make sure the sheet layer DPI is set to 300. The print dpi in the vectorworks drop down section should be set to the equivalent for the printer, most likely 300 rather than 150. OK... so what does the dpi in the File>Document Preferences> Resolution do? I mean, I've read waht the Help file says but, which dominates: the doc prefs or the printer prefs? You've pointed me in the right direction and it's a matter of testing. Thanks [ 01-05-2006, 05:47 PM: Message edited by: Ramon PG ]
  17. quote: Originally posted by Katie: In the print dialog box, select VectorWorks in the 3rd drop down box. What is the DPI set to here? OK, there is a difference. The big dot printing doc has 150 application dpi The grayscale printing doc has 72 application dpi But it seems like the opposite of what is going on... a higher resolution gives the big dot type print?
  18. quote: Originally posted by propstuff: have you checked the Sheet layer print resolution settings, and the Document Preferences> Resolution> print settings are the same? Sheet Layer print resolution settings: 75 dpi Document Preferences> Resolution> print settings: 300 dpi Same on both documents.
  19. quote: Originally posted by Katie: Are the bitmaps on Sheet layers? Have you checked the resolution settings in one of the options in the print dialog box? Yes, both bitmaps are in Sheet Layers, but its not just the bitmap, every shading even in Renderworks show the same, like big dots instead of grayscale. The resolution setting in the Print dialog box is set to the usual "standard". [ 01-05-2006, 01:12 AM: Message edited by: Ramon PG ]
  20. I haven't experimented much with imported 3D dxf, but the Import 3DS command works very nicely. The only drawback is you don't get the benefit of hybrid 2D & 3D VW display. Still, you can easily make a 2D image of any imported 3DS. Those interested should check out http://www.formfonts.com/ The selection is awsome. A friend of mine was working yesterday with SketchUp and made a pretty decent presentation for an apartment remodelation. (I still think SU is a great presentation tool, not a design tool) The great thing about SU is that you have tons of very nice symbols that make the presentation very real, But, when you have to go back to CAD, that's when VW really shines. Making a presentation and then having to start all over again for CAD is a terrible time waster. I love to tweak my design a lot, and knowing that any changes I make in 3D will be there in my CAD drawing without having to go back a few steps for translations and adjustments is a dream come true. [ 01-03-2006, 11:59 AM: Message edited by: Ramon PG ]
  21. Thanks. That's an exellent idea and it works.
  22. quote: Originally posted by mike m oz: For Mac users Vectorbits Toggle Preferences Tool provides a better solution for toggling Preferences. Both the VW Preferences and the Document Preferences are combined into one pop-up list which shows the state of each preference via a check mark. It is a free tool. http://www.vectorbits.com/ For Windows users, and those who want to keep things simple, the Vectordepot solutions are also very good. Absolutely must-have, fantastic tools. Especially Vector Move, Stretch and Magic Wand. But MOST of all Vector Align, used tens of times per hour, since I love to draw once and duplicate, move, rotate many. I've had Toggle Layers and Toggle Class crash VW 12.0.0. Happy Holidays. We're freezing down here; it's 75? at night!!! [ 12-25-2005, 01:23 PM: Message edited by: Ramon PG ]
  23. Now that the Digital Terrain Model info is all consolidated into one class (DTM), how can I 1. Make the New DTM visible in Plan Sheet Layer and 2. Make the Existing DTM visible in the Demo or As Built Sheet Layers But not both at the same time, all the time...
  24. FOR WHATEVER IT MAY BE WORTH... http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/pdfs/acr6_pdfx_faq.pdf
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