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  1. On 1/14/2022 at 1:48 PM, bcd said:

    EAPs have no fill in Top/Plan view

    As @Tom W.suggests you can select the object and AEC>Create Auto Hybrid to automatically create an object that has your 3d component and an automatically generated 2d component that can obsucre what's below.

    Or you can create a 2d/3d Hybrid Symbol from the 3d EAP

    How can I undo the AH? Not getting the desired results, the object turns transparent in any view except plan.

  2. 16 hours ago, bcd said:

    Move the top of the profile to (0,0,0) and adjust the size of the path to describe the top of the pool.



    Fixed!! I was doing it that way, but I became confused with the plan originally being rotated. Your suggestion is the correct way. Thanks for the prompt reply.

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  3. Noticed that some overrides do not work. I'm I doing or not doing something?


    I want my Trees layer to show 25% opacity so I can see the plan below but still have some tree presence, but it doesn't do it.



  4. I have just one template. I think it would be really difficult to try to keep many templates up to date. Big projects will have big files, but I have not had the luck of getting huge projects. You can reference Design Layers into Design Layers (even when the original is in another drawing and "have a master detail file and reference it for every project") and then into Sheet Layers but not Sheet Layers from one drawing into Sheet Layers on another drawing.

  5. What are the best shapes to conform to a DTM?


    • Floors, Slabs and extrudes can be sent to the DTM surface but do not wrap.

    • 3D polys will wrap but cannot be given a depth.

    • Roadways can conform and wrap over the DTM.


    How do you do sidewalks (I use roadways)? ...road lines, pedestrian crossings?








  6. I have set the drawing origin (0,0) but I want to set the shown marker to another (the correct) Geo coordinates. Is that possible, I don't want to relocate all the drawing elements.


    Note: the background image is an imported one, not the GeoImage VWs imports; I want to correct my initial lapse in not coordinating the georeferencing.



  7. On 7/16/2021 at 6:06 PM, jeff prince said:

    I have not experienced that.  I just dropped a house model I had worked on into GEP which is composed of 6 design layers (3 floors with 3 roofs), all at different layer heights.  Some of the objects are even placed above their defined layer heights in my model and everything shows up in GEP correctly. I even adjusted the z height during the export process so the basement would sit above grade in GEP to see if anything exploded like your example.

    It almost looks like a projection error the way your building is distorted.  I geolocated using WGS 84, perhaps that's where your error came from?  I notice that having 3D terrain active in GEP when situated at high elevation seems to distort things a bit too.


    I'm on VWX 2021 and GEP (64-bit) Mac OS Catalina.










    I was wondering how did you get the original topo info. From Google? If so, how did you import it to your VWs model? Thanks.

  8. 9 hours ago, jeff prince said:

    I presume you have used longitude and latitude in degrees for the x & y axis while using meters for the z axis. That approach has some obvious issues 🙂


    9 hours ago, jeff prince said:

    I presume you have used longitude and latitude in degrees for the x & y axis while using meters for the z axis. That approach has some obvious issues 🙂


    Yes, long and lat and meters.

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