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  1. Neither reinstallation of the HP driver, nor recreation of the Printer using the Printer Setup Utility resolved the problem... and this is true after multiple attempts on multiple Macs.
  2. Robin57, Not a word from nemetschek on an alternative to our "work-around" mentioned in my post of 1-15-2005. I can't help with the uninstall driver for Windows, but HP helped us with the uninstall for Mac OS X. Check with HP.
  3. We just installed a new HP DesignJet 800ps 42" plotter on the network. However any attempt to print existing VW 10.5.1 files to the plotter cause VW to crash. (This happens from all our Macs which are running Panther 10.3.7 and VW 10.5.1 and have all updates applied.) We can get to the Page Setup pane from VW, but an attempt to select the 800ps as the desired printer causes VW to crash. We've spent hours on the phone with HP engineers, uninstalling drivers, reinstalling, running permission repairs, etc. with no resolution of the problem. They finally gave up and concluded this was a VW since we are able to print from other applications to the 800ps. Yesterday, we learned that by creating a new VW file and copying/pasting from an existing drawing to the new file allowed us to print without a problem! Why is this? Surely we won't have to do this with all our existing VW files to get them to plot on the 800ps? Any suggestions appreciated.


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