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  1. Katie, We cannot see the workstations of the other lab via Appletalk, Rendezvous, or network browsing and vise versa. We could when the VLAN was in place. Now we can only connect via specific IP - hence my idea that it might be possible to point each VW client towards the dongle, rather than self discovery.
  2. I haven't seen this issue addressed yet, but if I have missed it, I apologize for the duplicate posting. We're running VW 11.0.1 (OSX.3.7) off a network dongle in two locations covered by a VLAN. Recent network upgrades and an "administrative" decision have cancelled our VLAN. Since the client workstations will not be able to discover the dongle outside the network with the dongle, we're facing two options: only one lab has access to the the software making it inconvenient for the students and class being taught (labs are in different building, not in close proximity to one another), or buying another set of licenses (cost prohibitive for our small budget). Neither solution is particularly good, frankly. So the we wanted to check on the ability to point the clients to the dongle manually - changing the IP cache of the client if necessary - across networks. We do this with Maya, and use Keyserver for other software titles. We are not confident that our complaints will restore the VLAN, and classes resume next Tuesday. I'd prefer not to have a "sneaker-net" for the dongle to accommodate the class time in one lab and student use in the other lab. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!


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