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  1. Travis - many thanks for your help. Just bit the bullet and bought VW11 and lo and behold everything is working just fine. Thanks again. LSK
  2. Travis: Silly me! I was wrong. It DOES need Classic to open. The problem (according to Epson) is that the driver must be installed in a "bootable" version of OS9. I always thought "Classic" was exactly that, but apparently it is just a "shell". The only thing that's going to work here is to buy a version thats OS10 compatible. Live and learn, spend money to correct mistakes....the American Way! Thank you again, very much! LSK
  3. Thanks again, Travis! Query: unlike some older programs like Pagemaker, VW does not apparently need to open "Classic" in order to run, but is it possible that it needs OS9 to print? LSK
  4. OK....have straightened out Illustrator not printing with Epson...a mere matter of making sure the proper printer was shown in all the dialog boxes. STILL cannot get VW to print...under the Apple menu, go to chooser, CX6600 not in the icon box. Go to "print" window or "page setup" window under VW File menu, both boxes say Epson CX5200 - they have not recognized the fact the CX6600 is now the printer of choice and I can't find any way to change them. Any ideas?
  5. Thank you, Travis. I think I'll call Epson again.....maybe I just got a bum steer from a tired techie. LSK
  6. i seem to have run against a technological wall....I have been printing VW 10 on Epson printers up til now; suddenly (on a CX6600 Epson) Epson support is telling me their printers don't support either VW10 or any Postscript programs like Illustrator/Pagemaker etc. If anybody out there is using a Mac with Adobe programs and VW, what printer do I need?
  7. running VW10 on Mac OSX.3; am starting to have problems with memory size and get the VW message to "increase partition size" but the instructions off the OSX help site don't work! - won't let me drag the slider and will not let me reset "preferred size" under "get info" anybody solved this problem? thanks!


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