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  1. This problem is spec or not? When I select 'rendering' menu command to the Extrude object that include each different color object, The Extrude object will be single color. Please follow this sequence. 1. Create some rectangles. 2. Apply different color to the each object. 3. Select the objects at a time. 4. From the 'model' menu, select 'Extrude' command.?iCreated object is group.) 5. From the 'view' menu, select 'Rendering' command and 'QuickDraw3D' or 'lightworks raymaker' mode. 6. The 3D object become the same color. If I select 'ungrope' menu command, each object will change normal color. This situation does not occur by other rendering mode, and occur Macintosh only. Thanks Sogabe A&A
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