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  1. Not certain why my program is crashing today! Over 21 times now......thats three minutes per crash at minimum.....This SUCKS! Importing objects or symbols from old files should be simple and certainly a much desired function. How do I determine which objects or symbols are causing crashing?? thanks
  2. how do find out which symbol or object is causing crash problems? I've restarted at least 19 times today!!! This SUCKS!!!
  3. Heck one buck is tiddly winks compared to the mental anguish this causes!!!
  4. so, upon inserting a revision cloud program locks up and I get a message in the top of the menu bar "program not responding" I know this has been an issue with previous versions, however I am not finding a solution in the forums for this most recent in Vectorworks 2011 (SP2). quite frustrating when you spend hours on somethign that should take two minutes......I'm beginning to think after 10 years of use that vectorworks is poor platform......please prove otherwise! Brand new computer system....... ZT Systems Windows 7 Home Premium Intel Core i7 CPU 950@3.07 GHz 12.0 GB RAM 64 Bit Operating System thanks for any input -
  5. is there a method for dealing with this problem by enabling asiain fonts or something similar.........??
  6. Hey Tom- Have you tried importing this image file and or operating this vw file on a faster new system with more RAM and read/write capabilities.....? Image files have been a long time problem here at our office, I find my system at home works just fine......... However, now we like to import images into VW-and then export as pdf's.........the pdf files of the image becomes marred!
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