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  1. I am confused about why when I move a group of Lighitng Devices via say the move tool that associated accessories move differently. Rather then staying attached to the lighting device, they end up moving 3 of 4 times further. Similarly-when I copy and paste elements from one light plot into another, the accessories copy into the new document somewhere else in the drawing, usually together aligned as if they are in the right place, but they are not attached to their lighting device objects. And also similarly, the way that after accidentally moving part of a multi circuit unit, having all it's parts follow then undoing-2 of three part of the multi circuit unit go back, but the 1 part I grabbed goes elsewhere. Does anyone else have similar issues? It's very frustrating and really makes me not want to use features that are designed to make life easier-but only really make them harder. Thanks
  2. Allow me to add some more info regarding the issue. The page is positioned within my drawing space-squarly over the bulk of the plot. I know because when I use the move page tool, the shadow or ghost of the page appears. The settings are set to show page boundry in the page setup (of the design layers-not the sheet layers-I get the difference)and there is not a shape with fill blocking it in anyway. The grid appears clearly. (it is true that if I had drawn a large rectangle-for instance-I could eclipse the page boundry, but I have not. I did mess with those interactive user settings, but have since reset them. The issue appeared in another file, but I solved it immediately by resetting the interactive settings. And in response to josh's side note-Oh, I know the watermark pain. It makes me angry and encourages me to demand my money back.
  3. I am not able to see the page boundary in one of my drawings. As far as I can tell-the settings in Page Setup are correct, show page boundary is checked as is the page break option. In an earlier drawing of a different project, the boundary is clear and present. I know I'm missing something. Could somebody help me find my mistake. The drawing I'm working on was initially generated by a Academic version-if this means anything.
  4. I have tried the clean install and sadly the problem persisted. I am not running Leopard (yeah) and so far it has contined to be an issue (boo). It looked like Quicken might of flumuxed the issue, but I'm afraid to try twice with as many pots on the burner as I have right now. I'd just like to keep it going, if ya know what I mean. So for now, keep your fingers crossed. I've figured out a quick, but certainly dirty way to repair the issue-dump the prefs for everything and restart, but this is annoying as I have to then re-set-up so many little things. Alas, If you hear of anything, I'll be back. Oh, and the other news is VW 2008 is on it's way, maybe that is the solution. G. Ben
  5. It is me again. So-I fixed it then it broke again so I am looking at a way to really fix it. I did find that deleting the prefs made all the difference, but it is a royal pain to get all the software back up to speed. I am wondering if anyone has advice on figuring out which of the prefs is specifically affecting VW other than the time consuming process of going through them one-by-one. Oi! THANKS
  6. Thanks Katie and everyone, at this point I've still not resolved the issue having repaired permissions, dumped caches, dumped Keyboard plists. I am going to re-re-install over the weekend and see what happens. The next step will be to wipe the computer-storing everything I hold near-and dear off site and re-installing for real. Any bets on whether this will work. Again, thanks all, if more ideas (or more specific cache dumping or data clearing ideas) come up, I'll be back. Wish me luck
  7. Thanks also-I have used an external bluetooth keyboard and have had no success sadly. I don't really blame the system for messing things up, I just think that somewhere in the system there is a place to fix it. Now, that said, I have completed re-installing the OS from the discs shipped with the computer to try and re-set things that way, but so-far-not-so-good.
  8. Yes, thanks, I've re-installed program A. It didn't help. I'm thinking that there is some advanced section that program C may have effected-program C (Parallels) now having been un-installed. It was after an upgrade to this that I lost some of my keyboard's functionality It all baffles me-so all input is appreciated
  9. Lately, my ability to select multiple object through shift-click has ceased. Also, option clicking does not function as a "crossing" window selecting items it touches. Wondering if anyone out there has some insight on this? I am using Version 12.5, but checked in on my older version 11.5 (i don't throw anything away) and it has the same problem. Seems like an Mac OS issue (BTW running Mac 10.4 latest version is up-to-date. The symptoms are somewhat corespondant to my installation of Parallels 3.0. Any thoughts will be appreciated
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