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  1. Thanks all! Its good to learn that I'm not way off base. I think I'll try to get used to the tools provided even though they may not be totally ready for prime time. Maybe the pay off will be realized in later versions of VW. I've posted another querry about setting up VWs here: http://techboard.nemetschek.net/cgi/ubb/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=16&t=001330
  2. VectorWorks 11 (Architect, Landmark, Renderworks) Mac OS X 10.3 I want to use VW for design, city planning department submissions and detailed building drawings. I do not have a large format printer/plotter so I will need to go out of house to print my drawings. Questions: 1. How important is it to know your output device before creating/ working on a document? Are there advantages to knowing your output device up front? 2. Is kinkos a good place to go for printing? 3. What print shops are recommended (Oakland, CA)? 4. Is there any advatage outputting files as PDFs? Is this easy and reliable to do?
  3. Recently installed VW 11 (Industry Addition - Mac) to use on renovation project. I'm very proficient with graphics programs and a few years ago I played around with VW and started to get a feel for how things work. I have no other CADD experience. Since, I'm starting from scratch it seems like a good idea to let VW's built-in organizational ideas guide my process. In other words I want to adopt VW conventions like Model Setup, Task Manager and Create Standard Viewports. Why fight it? Question: In the model setup dialogue, after you choose the number of floors, you can set the slab thickness, floor elevation and ceiling height for each floor. In most houses each story stacks one on top of the other. Why doesn't VW calculate the floor elevation of the second floor by adding the slab thickness and ceiling height of the first floor. It feels weird to have to calculate this manually. Am I missing the point of this tool?


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