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  1. Our office is currently having some issues with our 455ca and in the market for another direction and I've been recommended a 120nr by another VW/OSX.3 user. He uses his daily for everything from half-sizes to 24x36 and is overly impressed with not only the quality, but speed as well. If you don't have an issue with the sizes of your sheets being relegated to 24" maximum - jump aboard...we can all sink together.
  2. I recommend Easysw's plot driver! Gimp still has issues with speed and patterns. http://www.easysw.com/printpro/
  3. This driver seems to be the most effective and economic driver we have tried. Gimp print is fine for lines, but has problems with patterns and images. There's a demo download that I recommend before purchase.
  4. I am using VW 11 in OS X.3 and am disturbed by each export I make creating individual folders. Am I missing something or is this standard proceedure? Anyone have a solution, script, or work-around fo this?
  5. Is it possible to print from OS X to the RIP software on an older OS 9.2.2 machine? Or can we install the RIP software into classic? We currently use Gimp to print via the IP address, but this is slow and the quality has dropped quite a bit.
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