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  1. Thanks, roger, Now how should one send files the other way: from PC's to Macs? Chris
  2. Hello, I've encountered a problem converting VectorWorks drawings files between Mac & Windows. My draftsman has Vectorworks installed on his Mac. I have VectorWorks (v8.5.1)installed on a Windows machine. When he e-mails me drawings, they arrive in <filename>.dat format. I am successful in viewing, revising, and saving them in either *.dat or *.mcd format. When I resend revised drawings back to him on his Mac, what format should I use? Whether the drawing I send is in *.dat or *.mcd, he can't seem to be able to view them properly. Any advice? Chris [This message has been edited by christopherdavis (edited 01-19-2000).]
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