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  1. I am a Mac user currently running Vectorworks 8.5.2 in OS 9 & plotting to an HP DJ-220 via Palomar Software's PowerPlot. I'm the only Mac user on an otherwise Windows office network. A local company recently closed & I bought their Vectorworks 8.5.2 for OS 9 & Vectorworks 10 for Mac OSX from them. I have so far been unable to get anything to plot when running the OSX version of Vectorworks. We are planning to get a new plotter with roll feed, color & some additional capabilities & I want to be able to finally use the updated Vectorworks 10 in OSX. I would also like to upgrade to a newer OSX version of Vectorworks or maybe Architect but until I can get it to plot the boss won't OK it. Can anyone recommend a plotter that will be compatible with our PC office but still allow me to plot over the network? Also, will I need to buy any new plotter software like with OS 9 or will OSX allow me to just plot? I can currently print to all the other office printers using all my OSX applications, just not the HP plotter. Any help at all would be GREATLY appreciated!
  2. Amazingly it just now started printing. I had the correct IP address all along & it showed that it was able to see the plotter. I had selected the 230 driver since that was the closest thing to the 220. I attempted about a dozen plots that appeared to be working fine but just never showed up at the plotter & then all of a sudden the next one I tried plotted perfect. I have not changed any settings from the 1st attempt to the last, it just decided to start working. Thanks for all your assistance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Thanks again. I downloaded & installed Gimp Print & ran the Printer Setup. Everything went smoothly, the plotter now shows up in my list of printers. When I print from VW10 in OSX it spools & then shows up in the print monitor & reports the percentage of completion except nothing ever prints. I get no message sying it failed because the print monitor thinks it's printing, but it just dissappears. I called about the 500PS & our dealer says it's now been dropped. Any idea where my plots are going?
  4. Thanks for the reply. I agree about OS 9, I too only use it to run a couple of old programs but the main one is Vectorworks & that's only because I've never been able to get the OSX verison of Vectorworks to plot. If I could get it to plot I would've switched long ago. We're looking at getting a new HP 500 & it will be connected via the JetDirect box we already have. For us the PDF route is not feasible because we are a custom store fixture manufacturer & we have to kick out multiple plots all day long. I'll install the Gimp Print version 4.2.7 that I just downloaded & give it a shot on our current HP 220. If that goes OK surely it will work with the new HP 500. Thanks again!
  5. Thanks for the info. I went to the Gimp Print web site but it looked to me like it was only for USB printers. Are you plotting over a network or to a USB connected plotter? Maybe I'm looking at the wrong version of Gimp Print?


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