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  1. Hello there... I need a new laptop, and am juggling in between an iBook or a Powerbook...does anyone have direct experience using Vectorworks on either of these machines? Using the Tiger platform? The iBook is so much cheaper - would I really be losing out on performance, compared to a Powerbook? Much appreciated!
  2. Our architecture firm is currently using PowerCADD and we are having a terrible time translating DWGs between windows users and us, the mac users. Objects jump all over the place and render the file practically useless. We have a Windows-based machine on hand to plot DWG files, but as communication relies more and more on electronic rather than paper means we really need a better program to translate these files to and from our consultants. Plus we can't work on each other's files when this happens!!! Are there any translation problems with Vectorworks with DMG files? We are very seriously considering the switch to vectorworks, but it is pricey and will take some time to get used to so please be honest!!!!! thanks
  3. What are the big differences between these two programs....why spend the extra $650? I work for a small-sized architecture firm in California, and we are currently using PowerCADD 2000. More and more we find ourselves needing 3D modeling capablities and so Vectorworks seems like a viable solution. Can the basic Vectorworks program fill this need, or are there truly significant benefits to the Vectorworks Architect program? For instance...does the Architect version help ease the correspondence with other consultants? Right now we share files on an FTP site, converting our documents to DWGs and PDFs...I guess I'm confused as to how we would change our approach to working with other consultants (who often use AutoCAD). Does a small-sized firm need all those "extras" offered? thanks!
  4. I work for a small-sized architecture firm in California, and we are considering upgrading from PowerCADD 2000 to Vectorworks. Should we do it, or stick with PowerCADD and upgrade to PowerCADD 6? My fear is this... We currenly use OS9 platforms, on 800 MHz PowerPC G4s, with 512 MB of memory. Are these machines going to be capable of handling OSX and Vectorworks? Our one machine that has OSX is very slow with PowerCADD 6 (while the OS9's with PowerCADD 2000 are far speedier). Vectorworks claims it's minimum system requirements are OS9.2.2 (although there is a note at the end claiming that they "recommend a significantly more capable machine than is described by the minimum requirements"!!! How much "significantly greater" do these machines have to be?!!!
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