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  1. Page Setup for the 430-36 ARCH-D Landscape. We have made a custom paper size for the 1220 to get around the margin problem, it's as follows: 12 x 18 with a height of 18.5 and width of 12. margins are set: Top-.25 Left-.25 Right -.10 Bottom-.25 Thanks
  2. That's exactly what I have been doing. The Image on the screen shows the drawing inside the grey print boundry box but tha't not how it comes of of either the Designjet or the Deskjet. Also, there are other choices in that One Page pulldown menu. What is the significance of them? I have been selecting Arch D there as well, but in the Print setup menu the better choice seems to be Arch D Landscape.
  3. We are using VW 11.0.1 and trying to print to both an HP DeskJet 1220C and an HP DesignJet 430-36. All Mac's are on 10.3.7 I have VW set to print "One Page" The top and bottom 1" of the drawing are cut off on both printers on the actual printouts. The Page looks like it would print fine in VW (on the screen). Please help!
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