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  1. I am attempting to create a viewport in 2d plan to show the locations of section viewports. I create a viewport within the main drawing but when the viewport is generated the section markers are absent. V12.5.2
  2. The difference between printing from DWG/DXF files is considerable. I am fortunate enough to be able to view in Autocad as well as Vectorworks and the VW images are far more subtle. My best advice and what I have done is to download a copy of the VW Viewer and ask your reprographics viewer to install, they can then view and print the files in their true form. Printing from pdfs may also lose some quality unless you create reasonably high resolution output.
  3. Hi Dave I have sent 2 copies of a file under seperate email. One is in v11 and V12. The same process for each drawing is drawing a wall and placing a door plug in and then viewing with renderworks. The corruption occurs with all modes of render. Cheers
  4. Thanks all I'll switch back to citting the apartures from the wall for the time being. Here's looking forward to receiving the bug fix.
  5. I have recently moved over to version 12 and found that when I create a door plug in and subsequently render, the wall rendering cuts out a portion of the wall to either side of the frame. I switched back to version 11 and found that it does not happen and when I import feom 11 to 12 the same occurs. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong.
  6. Thanks Katie, I'll ask my UK distributor.
  7. I recently upgraded from Landmark and Renderworks to the Industry series. However, when I ran the install service pack, the industry series components were deleted. How can I reinstate?
  8. Thanks, I managed to find a match within a script provided last October by tom kyler.
  9. Tom, many thanks, this proved to be just the job for the conversion of 20,000 points needed for a large terrain model I have been working on.
  10. Hi, I am in need of some support with getting a worksheet to retrieve the Z values of stake objects imported from another file. Ideally I am looking for something equivalent to the xcenter or ycenter command. Thankyou
  11. Robert, Thanks for your reply. I did check with contacts in this area but no one was able to help. I need to understand more about using scripts as I have only very limited experience. I ended up recreating the level data by placing stake objects over each and assigning the appropriate level value. This was probably better in the long run as it ensured that the positioning followed the original loci rather than the text boxes.
  12. I am working from a PC platform and found that the print to pdf was where the error occured. I need to pull off a scaled image and found that the only way I could successfully do this was to use the export image command but at a smaller image size. Provided I used a sufficiently high enough resolution I could then rescale through a graphics package and covert to a GIF image to minimise the file size. Thanks for your help.
  13. Help!!! I am working with the conversion and merging of a number of new and pre-existing survey files. Because within the the older survey files, the 3d dxf points or stake objects have become ungrouped, I have been replacing them with the stake object (as created within the import survey command). The problem is that I do not seem to be able to control the line thicknesses of the stake objects. The file contains in excess of 12,000 points and needs to be provided to other consultants on the project in Autocad format. Can anyone help please?
  14. Having completed an extensive planting scheme, I am unable to export image files for the views without the text objects becoming corrupted. Any help please
  15. Marietta I have just completed a fairly extensive scheme for a park and found that it proved useful to assign seperate classes for each group of plants. I also subdivided the worksheet for each class (or categfory). In this way I am able to call out reports for each group and assign ID refs that would assist VS in sorting the list. I hope this is useful.
  16. Is there a command to call out elevation info for Z values within a worksheet similar to the X & Ycenter command.
  17. Is there any way of getting VW to read the content of text boxes to a worksheet? We have a couple of large imported survey files where the level data is not linked to loci and would like to convert to 3d loci.
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