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  1. Just checking as you have an M1: updating to Sonoma might help. To some of the users, that is… (see Compatibilty thread on the forum)
  2. Hi, did you rearrange the palettes without any drawing open? Save the positions after that via Palettes > save palette position (have a Dutch version running myself, don’t know the exact translation…). All now opened files should use the version stored in your user folder… HTH!
  3. Did you install 2024 update 4 already? I found some speed improvements there. In design layers, to be honest, but it might help for sheet layers as well!
  4. 14.5 has no printing issues (to me, yet…), as I mentioned in another thread earlier
  5. same here, even with macOS 14.5 beta no issues...
  6. @Luis M Ruiz I hope I don't have to take a close look at your timing and date of posting this... 😎
  7. As always it does 👍 If I can be of any help in beta testing the Meta-version of the Nomad app, please let me know!
  8. Hello, we are in the process of selecting the ‘best’ VR headset. We’d like our students to dive into the interior designs they make. Are there designers among you that have walked the same path? What are pros/cons of the model you selected? We were advised to look at the Quest 3 since this has the best performance for the money we want to spend. Are there any options to use Nomad on a HMD? I know that would have my preference, but couldn’t find it in ‘their’ appstore, so I know we’ll have to stick to the browser format (for now…🤓) Hope to hear from you experts!
  9. ...Nomad would come to Apple Vision Pro? Just saw the WWDC keynote, where wearing a Vision Pro while looking at a Mac's screen had the desktop (or any app screen) move to the spatial computing environment. Well, that would bring up a bunch of wish list items!
  10. Yes, the laser cutter is actually a 'printer', so we print the file to the UCP driver in order to select material settings, etc. from within the software.
  11. Hi Gunther, Thanks for getting back to me, wasn't able to answer any sooner... We use the software UCP provided by our supplier, Universal Laser Systems. As they told us, it is not possible to have a more 'friendly' rounding in the laser thickness, due to machine settings. Hope you can help!
  12. @inikolova wasn’t there at some point in the early Nomad days a ‘how to use this app’ intro when opening the app?
  13. Hi Peter, if you’d like to share designs with clients you can send them the QR code you can generate when exporting as webview (vgx). The client only needs to download the Nomad app on their device to scan your QR code. No need for them to create an account within the app. This method is exactly how I review my students interior designs. Ahwait, I have an account myself. I mean: exactly how my colleagues would be able to review the designs… 😇 HTH! Cheers, JB
  14. Was mainly the browser being used by their clients. Changing to Chrome had the models navigate smoother compared to other browsers. The QR link with exporting to webview also helped in presenting with Nomad. Question: where did the shadow option go when using 2022 for exporting webiews? I couldn’t find it. Maybe somewhere in the Settings, Legacy Options?
  15. @Johan de Groot • LYVR is it okay if I give you a ring tomorrow (dus op donderdag 21/7) to discuss this? Same timezone & language might help (not affiliated to VW, just a happy customer & Nomad user 🤓🤙) #nerdalert Cheers, JB
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