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  1. What exactly is a "chunk"?


    Is that 63 submenus total over the entire workspace, or per top menu?  I don't know why you'd have 63 submenus per top menu, so I assume it's over the entire workspace.  


    If so, it's certainly possible that I hit that limit.  I think I had only 8-12 submenus added.

  2. 39 minutes ago, Pat Stanford said:

    Have you tried removing them from the workspace and then adding a few back and see what happens?


    Yep.  On 2014, 12015 and 2016, I rebuilt my workspace several times and always had the same issues.  I started 2017 building my workspace from scratch, and barely made it halfway through before it started failing.


    Every script I write is tested first in a different menu before moving it into the Object Context menu, so I know the scripts themselves function correctly.

  3. 15 hours ago, Pat Stanford said:

    Do they come back when you restart VW? Restart the computer?


    Is there anything you can do that specifically makes them stop working?


    Are you willing to share any of them so some of the experts here can take a look and see if anything jumps out at us as being a problem?


    Restarting Vectorworks and the computer has no effect.  Once you get a certain number of scripts or folders in the Object Context menu, things just start breaking down.  At first, just the first 20 or so scripts would work, while anything after that would fail.  A week later, only ten would work.  Now, nothing.


    Here is a copy of a simple script which creates a popup window to enter a channel for selected fixtures.  For me, it's just much faster than opening "Number Instruments" or even double clicking on the fixture and entering the info in the edit fixture window.  I used it frequently, then it just stopped.  And so did everything else in the menu.  


    I know the menu used to work, because I used to have an extensive Object Context menu.  Now, I can't even use it.


    I have a support ticket from Service Select Support last year:


    After further investigation, I have found that this is something that has been submitted to our engineering team. We are currently looking into the issue but we haven’t narrowed down the exact cause yet. I have added your example to the issue, which may help the engineers. Hopefully this issue will be addressed in a future update.


    And then again this year:


    This issue doesn’t appear to be fixed yet, but I am having a hard time replicating it in 2017. Can you send me a copy of your workspace file so I can test it on my machine?


  4. On 5/4/2017 at 5:27 PM, Pat Stanford said:

    What bug with Object Context Menu?


    I have several dozen scripts which I've written to greatly speed up my workflow doing short tasks which I may do 100 times an hour (mostly related to lighting fixture info, custom move and duplicate tools, custom selection tools, etc).  They are divided into several folders in the object context menu.  At some point, most of them just stop working.  Currently, not a single one works.  This was confirmed by VW to me some time a year or two ago.  It's been happening since I believe 2014 and kills my productivity.  Has almost made me question upgrading further.

  5. 11 minutes ago, Pat Stanford said:

    Try adding a ResetObj or two into the PIO and see if that will do what you need. It sounds like the changes are being made after the PIO has drawn and are not being reflected until the next reset.


    That did the trick.  Thank you so much!  Onward we go.  Now, if VW would just fix the years-old bug affecting the Object Context menu, everything would be peachy!

  6. On 4/26/2017 at 11:48 PM, Pat Stanford said:

    And if it is not event enabled you can use:


    PROCEDURE   SetParameterVisibility
    (   inPlugin :HANDLE;
        inParameterName :STRING;
        inSetVisible :BOOLEAN


    The SetParameterVisibility worked for me about 95% of the time.  For some strange reason, sometimes parameters don't change visibility on the first change of another parameter.  On the second selection of the same parameter to the same value, the visibility works correctly.  Weird.

  7. On 2/23/2017 at 1:57 PM, Phil hunt said:

    that's a good point kevin...i guess £46.00 a month is not a bad price....just wish i could spread this across 12 months like my adobe subscription....


    I would love to be able to pay monthly for a program, but I'd want that to go towards full purchase.  I really hate the idea of paying for software, then losing it completely once I stop paying a fee.  At least with VW, even with VSS, if I ever cancel, I still own the last version forever.  With adobe, it's pay or lose it, right?

  8. I've been scripting some custom tools, and it's freakin' awesome.  Learning a lot.


    Now, I want to figure out how to make some OIP fields hidden based on another field's contents.  For instance, in the "Lighting Device" tool, when you check "Set 3D Orientation", two fields appear to enter that info, and the disappear when it's not selected.  I would like to do this in my tool, but I haven't been able to find documentation for it.  I'd love to be able to do this based on a text or integer value, but if it's just Boolean, I could use that for some things, too.  


    For instance, for an integer value, it could display only 5 fields if the number of ports on an Opto-Splitter was entered as "5".  Or, for a data cable could switch between Universe and Network depending on some other selection.  


    I know that it's technically possible based on Lighting Device and Cable Tools, but it might be something that is only available to VW.


    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


  9. 23 hours ago, MullinRJ said:


    Sam, have you tried running VW 2010? It runs on my macMINI with OS10.11.x. So does VW 2009. Earlier versions do not and neither does VW 2011 or VW 2012. Then VW 2013-17 do run. I keep old versions around and old machines to run them, though I rarely have the need; but when I do, they work perfectly.


    To the original question, it's all perfectly fair. It's a subjective judgement call, to upgrade the OS/SW or not. I once had to buy a new computer to stay current, but nobody made me. This is nothing new. Since about 1980 we've all danced this dance.




    Yes, I have tried running 2010.  Crashes on boot every time.  It doesn't matter, really, as I'm a full user of 2017.  I was not supporting the OP's argument...quite the opposite in fact.


    It's just that 2010 was the last version that would open, how shall we say, not-exactly-legitimate files from previous versions, with a warning.  I can't blame them for this.

  10. No.  Not unfair.  What you are asking is for Vectorworks (or any other software company) continually upgrade every past version of their software to meet current operating system changes.  That would be quite an undertaking, and not remotely economically viable.  Trust me, I wish 2010 still ran, even though I'm a user of 2017.


    I am very happy though that my copy of Cinema 4D from 2011 is still humming along nicely on Sierra, but every time I upgrade my OS, I know it's a possibility that legacy software will no longer function.

  11. I learned Vectorscript by starting with very simple scripts I could find online and parsing what each line meant.  I also used the Function Reference, which has plenty of examples, and later the Language Guide, which also has a lot of examples.  I would try a new function every time I wrote a script and see how it worked.  And, I would ask questions on this forum.  I now write script consistently.  

    The only thing that pisses me off is the years-long bug that arbitrarily limits the number of scripts you can have in the object context menu...a lot of them simply will not run.  That alone has made me question upgrading further.

  12. Amongst others, I have a power service and phase field in my Lighting Device records.  Once I assign the correct info to each fixture, I can get a report of how much is used on each service and phase.


    All my data imports into filmmaker, where I use a custom database with scripts which can auto-generate phases for any given rack when given a circuit number.  This then gives a detailed report of power usage.

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  13. 2 hours ago, Benson Shaw said:

    •And many thanks to denizens of this forum for patience, encouragement, education, discussion and help in many ways with questions, issues, and general vwx practice.  I'm still a klutz with limited knowledge of the software, but through this forum, my klutziness is reduced and my limits are expanded.  Bravo to all!


    19 minutes ago, zoomer said:

    And the Forum is a wonderful source of knowledge and help.


    I agree with both of these.  Any question I ask on this forum, I almost always get someone trying to help, even if it takes multiple posts to do so.  And in the case of my question about Vectorscript Custom Dialogs, it opened up a whole new level of possibilities that I've been wanting to learn for years.  Also, this forum has active participation from the developer, and they seem to actively look at troubleshooting and bug submissions.  You can't beat that.


    Contrast this to the forum for another piece of software I use where I have been told on many occasions that I need to not ask questions, but rather go and learn.   IN fact, the answer to one question on how to best accomplish a complex scripting action, I was told "Think about what you want to do, and then go figure out how to do it".  Not very helpful at all.  And the developer does not seem to respond to anything on the forum.

  14. I second Pat's advice.  I'm not nearly as advanced as others, but I can write a mean script.  I learned it all from starting with something very simple, looking at other scripts and parsing how they worked, and spending a LOT of time looking at the function reference document.  The function reference document has examples for many of the functions, and that will give you ideas as you go.

  15. 11 hours ago, sww1235 said:

    Thank you everyone for all your help. This forum is probably one of the most helpful I have ever participated in.


    Agreed.  This made me remember my opposite experiences from the support forum for another piece of software I use a lot.  One time, I posted asking about how to achieve a certain result by combining some records in a database, and the response I got from multiple people was "Why don't you think about what you want to do and then figure out a way to achieve that".  Super helpful.  

  16. 59 minutes ago, rDesign said:

    @SamIWas- I found this other thread about this same issue. The latest post gives some instructions on how to possibly fix it. As the error message indicated, it sounds like a Permissions issue. HTH.


    Thank you!  Don't know how i didn't see that thread.  It does indeed seem to be a permissions issue, and you have to set them on every folder within Libraries in the application folder.

  17. Every time I start Vectorworks, it tells me I have libraries that are available for download/updating.  Yet, every time I tell them to update, I get an error message saying that I can't.  I have a feeling this is related to the fact that when I first tried to download the libraries, I was on the slow internet at work, and had to cut it off.  Any idea how to rectify this?  Do I just need to hunt down the existing libraries and delete them, then start over?



  18. Someone else might correct me, but I'm pretty sure you need to create a separate label legend for this.  This would be for several reasons.  Mostly, when you flip a fixture and the legend has two fields which combine, such as circuit name and number, then those would reverse upon a flip.  

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