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  1. Thanks again Caleb. Its sounds as though its just what I want. I'll try it next time I use the programme.
  2. How about being able to enter the required radius in the object information box then? Certainly there needs to be some way of drawing large radius curves without having to zoom way out - at which view it is often difficult to see where you are putting the centre point, expecially if there is a lot of other detail nearby.
  3. I agree with this request. Drawing large radius curves for railway or road layouts can be very tedious.
  4. When renaming layers in the layer dialogue box, and object names in the Resources pallet dialogue boxes, highlighted text does not automatically get deleted when it is overwritten. This does not conform to the Mac standards, and as far as I know are the only Vectorworks dialogue boxes that do this. They need a fix.
  5. Constantly having to click this button on and off is tedious. It would be much better if the normal mode of the 2D tool was for the ?resize? option to be on by default, and that you had to temporarily override it by holding down a key whilst you perform a move. (I find the resize mode is the one that is needed most).
  6. I prefer smooth, gently curved leader lines to straight angular ones as I think they stand out better against the predominantly straight lines of drawings, and are therefore cannot be confused with the latter. Being able to draw curvy leader lines would be welcome.
  7. Repositioning selections would sometimes be easier if you could see them whilst moving them, as one can do in PageMaker.
  8. These often seem to spring into action whilst I am in the middle of an operation, which is irritating. It would be nice if they could automatically be programmed only to do so a few seconds after operations have been being carried out.
  9. It would be much easier if the two part leader lines were drawn from the object to the text describing it rather than the other way round, as it is now.
  10. At the moment you can only snap lines to locii of symbols. It would be much more useful to be able to snap to all lines, endpoints and intersections, just like any ordinary ones, or those in groups.
  11. If you include text on a symbol it will rotate with the object whenever you place rotated copies of it on the drawing. It would be useful to be able to make text always stay the correct way up however copies area rotated.
  12. These would be useful for some pallet and menu operations, such as choosing particular (preselected) line types and thickness that one uses frequently, also ?Add surface?, Clip surface? and several others.
  13. OFFSET LINE THICKNESSES It would be useful to be able to offset the thickness of a line to one side. I use selective line thickening (either by thickening existing lines or tracing over existing ones) to enhance the clarity of a drawing - outlining major elements of a design or cut lines of a section. In the old pen and ink days (of not so long ago for me) I did this on the inside of the design element, not along the centreline. Not being able to do so in Vectorworks can obscure small scale elements. [This message has been edited by Peter Phillips (edited 03-03-2001).]
  14. It would be useful to be able to set more than the present 5 preset line thicknesses. Ten would be better.
  15. If you are trying to ascertain what the colour of a line or object is, so that you can give the same colour to another line or object, there?s no way of telling what the colour is, because when you click on the colour box and the chosen colour is not highlighted or ringed in the colour pallet. For a few basic colours like black, white, bright blue, mauve and red it is fairly obvious, but for most of the other more subtle shades it is impossible to tell. If the exiting colour of a line or object was always highlighted when the colour pallet was displayed, there would be no problem.
  16. At the moment, the trim tool is rather unforgiving. If, after having selected a line or lines from which several crossing lines must be cut, you misses selecting one of the lines with the finger icon, in haste, which is easily done, the selected lines are deselected and you have to reselect the delineating lines. In contrast, if you miss any of the lines to be extended to a selected line with the ?extend ? tool, the selected line remains selected and you just have another click with the tool, and keep going until you are finished. Then you deselect the delineating line. It would be more efficient if the trim tool operated in the same way.
  17. At the moment it is not possible to make the extreme ends of dotted lines have solid lines. For short dotted lines, for example to depict a cross section of a dpc or a cavity tray, it can make it difficult to see the profile. Being able to force solid lines at both ends, and at the corners of polygons, would be useful.
  18. A ?snapped to greyed? option would be useful for the ?layer options? menu. Many is the time I find I want to snap to another layer or class but want that layer dimmed so that it does not obscure an active layer that is dense with lines and other information.
  19. This is very cumbersome at the moment. Calling up a single dialogue box in which would can set all the required attributes (and calling up the box by a keystroke [like the command-T of PageMaker]) would be much more convenient.
  20. I have been using Vectorworks quite intensively now for about 9 months or so - only in 2D for the moment, and I strongly reiterate the suggestion I made not long after I started, that Photoshop-like zoom and pan override shortcut keys would be very useful. Until A1 size flat screens are available - affordable ones that is, (I live in hope) panning and zooming will be a constant and frequent activity in CAD drawing. The Photoshop tools are a dream to use and I believe the same technique would reduce Vectorworks drawing time by at least 10% if not more, not to mention the frustration of the constant too and fro from the zoom-in, zoom-out and pan tools, and the many times you find you have selected the zoom tool instead of the 2D selection tool. (This latter problem would be reduced incidentally) if the character of the bounding boxes of the zoom and 2D selection tools where different.
  21. Duplicate arrays along the X or Y axes are very easy, but they are very tedious at an angle - requiring laborious measuring of the required X and Y offset distances and then typing them in the relevant boxes. It would be much much better to achieve it by a two mouse click operation; the first to pick a point on the object to be copied and the second the the point where the first of the array is to be placed.
  22. it would be useful to be able to colour imported bitmaps so that, for example, if you wanted to align two similar drawings or maps you could import the first, then import the second and give it a different colour so that it is easilly distinguishable from the first.
  23. Transparency for all types of fill would be very useful for all sorts of presentation.
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